4 Ways Automated Workflows Speed up Expense Reimbursement

Automate Expense Reimbursement

What does the expense reimbursement process look like within your company? Are you relying on manual expense processing and losing time, money, and productivity? Historically, expense management systems have required employees to have their receipt, fill out an expense report for each individual purchase, submit the report(s), then wait (sometimes weeks) to receive their reimbursement. […]

How Automated Workflows Can Improve Content Marketing

Content marketing has a lot of moving parts. You have to define your goals, audit your current content to understand what’s performing well, generate new ideas, assign content creation, edit the content, post it, and finally monitor its performance. Automated workflows help companies manage these many tasks while minimizing confusion and keeping the content marketing […]

Workflows You Hope You Never Use: Disaster and Incident Response

You probably have a fire extinguisher in your kitchen (and if you don’t you should buy one on your way home from work today). It’s possible you’ll never have to use that fire extinguisher, but should the rare kitchen fire ever occur, you will think of it as one of the best investments you ever […]

Productivity & Efficiency: The Right Workflow Software Improves Both

Business success depends on both productivity and efficiency. The two concepts are similar and are sometimes confused for one another, but they’re not the same. Productivity is about output during a defined time period. Say that last week you produced 100 units of work, but this week you produced 110. That means your productivity went […]

Why You Don’t Have to Rely on Your IT Team to Automate Workflows

Your IT team is perpetually busy. The typical IT department today can’t spare a programmer to help design and deploy automated workflows. Today’s IT professionals in the enterprise spend their time and mental energy dealing with cloud infrastructure, big data, virtualization, energy efficiency, and interoperability. Or else they’re dealing with a server that has broken […]

How Virtual Reality Is Emerging as an Element of Automated Workflows

Virtual reality (VR) represents a “slow burn” disruption happening in the workplace. While some companies regularly use VR technology now, it will probably be another three to five years before it becomes commonplace. We’re just now figuring out how to put VR to work, and new applications for it will undoubtedly emerge as everyone gets […]

Banish Workflow Inefficiencies by Taking These 4 Steps

Business inefficiencies can slow growth and cost money. Many businesses turn to automated workflows to increase efficiency and help prevent errors that can more easily enter into old-fashioned, manual workflows. While automated workflows are more efficient and accurate than manual ones, they sometimes have their own inefficiencies that prevent them from operating faster, which can […]

Proof-of-Concept to Everyday Use: How Workflows Make the Transition

Rarely do workflows go seamlessly from concept to everyday use, because it’s impossible to foresee all possible problems at the beginning. Making the transition from idea to regular use can go more smoothly if workflow design is done in stages, starting with proof of concept, proceeding to a small pilot project, followed by training, practice, […]

Does Your Workflow Software Support Outstanding Workflow Management?

A workflow is a sequence of steps through which work passes as it goes from initiation to conclusion. Automated workflows are those where some or all of those steps are automated. If the purpose of a workflow is to achieve a result or complete some process, then the purpose of workflow management is to achieve […]

Electronic Checklist: A Great Starting Point for Workflow Software

Few tools help more people maintain more motivation to reach goals than the simple checklist. While big goals are necessary, they can feel overwhelming at times. Checklists help us break down the tasks that get us closer to our big goals and check off our progress as we go. In fact, the simple act of […]