5 Custom Web Design Workflow Ideas

A graphical representation of a workflow diagram

Designing the perfect workflow can be daunting, especially for citizen developers and those diving into no-code workflow design for the first time. But PerfectApps makes it easier to design a workflow system from the ground up that’s fully tailored to your unique business needs and that can be changed or enhanced at any time. Workflow […]

How No-code Business Process Management Can Benefit Your Business

Digitizing and automating existing workflows with BPM software

Every organization builds its business around a core value – maybe innovation, or engineering, or customer service, or affordability. But whatever the goal, business processes are the common denominators that help companies get the job done daily. In most companies, workflows get cobbled together and become entrenched in each department. Employees then just follow those […]

Transforming Human Resources with No-code Workflows

Digitizing human resource departments with no-code technology

Supporting digital transformation has become a top-10 HR priority, an annual HR survey by the Hackett Group shows. Yet challenges stand in the way, and “HR organizations must take greater advantage of digital technology to improve their service delivery and insights,” the report finds. But HR teams are discovering a powerful new way to achieve […]

5 Ways to Modernize Your Tech Stack with No-code

How to update your technology stack with no-code software

Legacy systems: Every business has them, every business leader wants to get rid of them, yet often, no one seems to know what to do about them. But as with other strategy-level tech issues – from cloud migration to digital transformation – legacy systems mean different things to different organizations. It helps to start by […]

Workflow Software Helps You Accelerate Recruiting and Hiring

Automated workflows and new employee recruiting go together naturally. The hiring process has a lot of moving parts, but strong workflow management can make sure all the parts work as they should while reducing errors and making the process as efficient as it can be. Other benefits of using automated workflows in the hiring process […]

Is Your Automated Workflow Ready for Prime Time? Here’s How to Tell.

Workflows are standardized series of steps designed to accomplish a specified process or task. All steps in a workflow may run consecutively, or some series of steps may run in parallel for more complex processes. Automated workflows take as much of the manual processing out of tasks as possible. For example, a series of paper […]

Workflow Automation is the Answer to These 4 Questions

Many people believe that workflow automation is something that’s only available to big enterprises. However, nothing could be further from the truth. Also true is that smaller businesses can benefit disproportionately from workflow automation. They can do things more efficiently and reduce error rates while maintaining the agility possessed by smaller enterprises. Today’s no-code workflow […]

Workflows Help You Manage 3 Critical Elements of Business Reputation

The reputation of your business is an extremely valuable business asset. While it isn’t tangible, or something you could liquidate to raise cash, nonetheless, reputation is essential to sustained success today. In fact, reputation is a key differentiator in a world where consumers have more choices than ever. Reputation also affects the quality of employees […]

Online Forms and Workflows Help Small Businesses Manage Innovation

Innovation has gone from being a “nice extra” for businesses to being essential for success. Competition is fierce, and businesses increasingly set themselves apart through innovation of products, processes, and business models. Rather than pursuing one big idea that will change everything, however, businesses must incorporate innovation into their everyday operations and their corporate culture. […]

What Makes an Online Form Perfect?

The online form that is perfect for your needs depends heavily on context. Additionally, what is perfect today may be less so tomorrow due to the rapid pace of innovation and technology advancement. But that doesn’t mean it’s impossible to get it right! With the right form software and knowledge about attitudes toward forms, you […]