Digitizing human resource departments with no-code technology
Digitizing human resource departments with no-code technology

Transforming Human Resources with No-code Workflows

Supporting digital transformation has become a top-10 HR priority, an annual HR survey by the Hackett Group shows. Yet challenges stand in the way, and “HR organizations must take greater advantage of digital technology to improve their service delivery and insights,” the report finds.

But HR teams are discovering a powerful new way to achieve their transformation goals: no-code application development. In fact, the Society for Human Resource Management (SHRM) recently called no-code/low-code (NCLC) a “game-changing” trend.

A no-code app builder enables non-technical HR pros to quickly and easily create their own web forms, web apps, and workflow apps. Users simply select reusable software components from a graphical interface and drop them into place on a virtual canvas. The no-code tool automatically assembles a fully functional form or application.

There’s no need for help from an application development team or support from the IT department. Strong security to protect sensitive employee data is already tested and built into the software. So is integration with popular HR systems your organization is already using.

The benefits to your HR department are compelling:

  • Fast creation and implementation of new web applications and workflows
  • Simple customization to meet unique needs
  • Easy modification as your needs change
  • Complete and secure integration with existing data sources
  • Powerful reporting and compliance capabilities
  • Faster HR workflow processes to support the business


Real-world HR Use Cases for No-code

A growing number of organizations are optimizing HR workflows with no-code:

All Medical Healthcare Staffing uses no-code to streamline employee onboarding, automate the collection of HR documents, and manage compliance forms. The no-code processes integrate smoothly with the company’s databases, making employee data easy to access by authorized users. Support for digital signatures strengthens security and ensures a reliable audit trail.

Ogden Clinic turned to no-code to integrate HR and finance workflows. The healthcare system has automated more than 30 internal processes – including all HR workflows, such as paid-time-off reporting and expense reimbursements. No-code integrates those processes with core databases and webservices, and it maintains an audit trail for regulatory compliance.

Houston Community College (HCC) leverages no-code to reduce paper use, avoid redundant workflows, and simplify HR processes. For instance, the college integrated no-code workflows with its PeopleSoft platform to streamline faculty hiring. The integration enables HCC to populate hiring forms with demographic data from its HR system and with budget data from its financial system.

Digitize, Automate, and Accelerate HR Processes

An effective no-code app builder can power your HR department and your entire organization. It gives your onsite and remote HR teams the ability to:

  • Automate routine HR workflow processes and eliminate redundant steps
  • Reduce the time to design and deploy new HR workflows
  • Lower HR’s dependence on IT resources
  • Replace static paper and PDF forms
  • Avoid manual errors
  • Increase visibility into HR processes to improve performance


A well-designed no-code platform can address the specific needs of the HR function, with capabilities to digitize and automate routine HR processes such as:


For instance, here’s how you can use no-code to optimize onboarding. No-code enables you to create workflows to handle new-hire data gathering, document collection, and forms processing. Employees can fill out online forms, with the results automatically integrated with your HR databases and 3rd party applications through REST API. No-code lets you build in user authentication, identity verification, and digital signatures. It also allows you to consolidate those workflows with popular HR systems – including audit trails to support compliance.

Such digitization and automation benefit your HR department. But the advantages also extend to your entire enterprise. No-code can empower your HR team to:

  • More efficiently recruit, develop, and manage top talent
  • Improve internal communication with employees
  • Enforce employee compliance with HR policies
  • Drive company-wide employee collaboration, engagement, and productivity
  • Amplify the power of human capital management to better support the business


No-code development gives your Human Resources professionals the capabilities they need to accelerate and optimize a wide range of processes – all without writing a single line of code. The workflows are easy to adopt and follow, minimizing the need for training and encouraging fast adoption. Workflows are automated from request to approval, with alerts for key stakeholders and status updates for process owners. And when business needs change, no-code makes it easy for users to quickly modify workflows to keep pace.

It’s no wonder more Human Resources departments are realizing the benefits of no-code application development. No-code could be a game-changer for your HR team, too.