7 Ways to Automate and Optimize Employee Recruiting and Onboarding

Streamlining recruitment and onboarding with automation

Your company is only as good as your people, the saying goes. That’s why organizations from startups to established enterprises strive to optimize how they recruit and onboard employees. But recruiting and onboarding can be costly. The price tag to hire a new worker can run three to four times their annual salary, says the […]

What is Codeless as a Service (CaaS) – and How Can It Help You Build Business Value?

Solving business problems and building value with codeless as a service.

Cloud computing transformed the way organizations thought about information technology. Once they could achieve infrastructure as a service (IaaS), they no longer had to think about the hardware they were running or whether servers needed to be upgraded. Once they could access application functionality through software as a service (SaaS), they no longer had to […]

5 Ways No-Code Can Help Your Company Surge Past Competitors

Utilizing no-code to pass the competition

Whether you’re a startup, a midsize company, or a global behemoth, profitably growing your business is all about outcompeting your rivals. If you can act faster, work more efficiently, and deliver better customer experiences, you can gain a competitive advantage and capture market share. Across industries, organizations depend on information technology to pursue those goals. […]

5 Ways Managers Can Benefit from No-Code Automated Workflows and Processes

Effectively managing a team with no-code workflows and processes

Proponents of no-code application development point out the many benefits no-code brings to the workforce. No-code gives non-technical employees the ability to automate processes to do their jobs more effectively and take greater satisfaction in their work. It’s a big reason investments in no-code and low-code (NCLC) are predicted to quadruple in the next five […]

How to Supercharge Employee Experiences With No-Code Forms, Apps, and Workflows

Streamline tasks and processes with no-code to keep employees engaged and efficient

Are my employees happy? Are they engaged at work? Are they productive? These are questions any manager asks on a regular basis. But those queries have grown more pressing in an era of hybrid work environments, where employees are engaged less by face-to-face interaction and more by the technology that empowers them. As Harvard Business […]

3 Ways to Maximize Your Company’s Efficiency with SaaS Solutions

Using SaaS solutions to increase efficiency

The economy is poised at an inflection point, and businesses large and small are watching closely. They want to keep a tight rein on spending, but they also hope to make the right investments to drive growth. Leading indicators have been confusing. Inflation has eased somewhat – suggesting the economy is no longer in danger […]

How No-code Workflow Optimization Can Empower Nurses and Other Healthcare Pros

No-code workflow management allows healthcare to optimize efficiency

The Covid-19 pandemic hit healthcare providers hard. For three years now they’ve been running full tilt, barely keeping pace with unprecedented patient volumes, new telehealth delivery models, and a fast-changing industry. Among healthcare professionals, nurses have borne the brunt of these challenges. The United States could face a 20% nursing gap by 2025 – with […]

How No-code Business Process Management Can Benefit Your Business

Digitizing and automating existing workflows with BPM software

Every organization builds its business around a core value – maybe innovation, or engineering, or customer service, or affordability. But whatever the goal, business processes are the common denominators that help companies get the job done daily. In most companies, workflows get cobbled together and become entrenched in each department. Employees then just follow those […]

Transforming Human Resources with No-code Workflows

Digitizing human resource departments with no-code technology

Supporting digital transformation has become a top-10 HR priority, an annual HR survey by the Hackett Group shows. Yet challenges stand in the way, and “HR organizations must take greater advantage of digital technology to improve their service delivery and insights,” the report finds. But HR teams are discovering a powerful new way to achieve […]

Goodbye PerfectForms, Hello PerfectApps: New Name, Same Great Tool

When we started PerfectForms in 2008, it had a clear and compelling mission: simplify form and workflow development. And while 15 years ago seems like it was just yesterday, the business world and our company have both evolved significantly since then.  Over that time, our mission has stayed the same, but the way we go […]