HR process automation graphic
HR process automation graphic

The Power of HR Process Automation in Culture Building

An organization’s culture has a significant impact on its morale, talent retention, productivity, and much more. As The Society for Human Resource Management notes, strong organizational cultures often result in:

  • Enhanced trust and cooperation
  • Fewer disagreements
  • More-efficient decision-making
  • An informal control mechanism via the ability to cultivate a strong sense of identification with the company and shared understanding among employees about what is important.

SHRM emphasizes the importance of “values blueprinting” in building an organizational culture – something that any human resources department can play a role in shaping.

How Does HR Impact Organizational Culture?

Organizational culture is not only impacted by Human Resources, but an organization’s HR department can have a powerful impact on the organization’s culture. In the words of Bamboo HR:

The HR team can be the ideal catalyst for improving company culture and employee experience. With its finger on the pulse of employee and leader sentiments alike, HR is often described as the caretaker of workplace culture and plays a major role in shaping employee experience.

As Gartner notes, HR technology is a mainstay of HR transformation, and, by association, culture transformation:

…HR technology leaders are poised to become the catalyst of change across HR processes as technology now touches every aspect of employees’ lives. To power this transformation, technology should be more accessible and help employees ‘in the flow of work.’”

The Benefits of HR Process Automation on Culture

How a given organization chooses to use HR technology and automation ultimately will determine the resulting impact on culture. When an organization intentionally designs its culture around human values and leverages HR automation tools and software programs, process transformation and culture transformation usually result.

When implemented correctly, HR automation can shape organizational culture for the better in some of the following ways:

  • Creating a traceable process for delegating workload-related tasks, thereby promoting a more equitable distribution of work and a healthier workplace culture.
  • Streamlining onboarding, recruiting, performance management, and more, leading to a more favorable candidate experience and employee experience.
  • Automating processes that take up your HR team’s bandwidth, creating efficiencies, and removing roadblocks to focusing on culture, writ large, as a focus item.

How to Choose the Right HR Automation Tools

The right HR automation software can make a huge difference when it comes to the efficacy, efficiency, and overall impact of your HR workflow automation efforts.

We recommend thinking about the following when choosing between different software solutions in the context of how they will impact organizational culture building:

  1. Develop a deep understanding of your culture and its HR needs
  2. Define your objectives for workflow automation
  3. Involve key stakeholders to gather input on pain points, expectations, and more
  4. Identify critical HR processes with the most impact on culture that must be automated
  5. Prioritize user-friendly solutions
  6. Think carefully about integration capabilities & customization options
  7. Consider scalability
  8. Ask for HR automation examples (how the software provider can help you automate your workflow and create a more positive organizational culture)

PerfectApps offers a no-code development platform so you can build your own custom solutions that meet your exact specifications for your HR team. Our workflow apps, in particular, can help when it comes to HR process automation:

  • They offer a frictionless, user-friendly experience by design, with no coding required!
  • They’re also inherently scalable. As your organization and its HR needs grow, you can modify your workflows accordingly.

Here’s what a current HR Corporate Director at Ametek shared about our HR automation software:

“PerfectApps is by far the most intuitive and flexible no-code platform on the market. It’s enabled automation for over 25 processes and counting!”
Jeff Young
Corporate Director, HR Systems & Payroll

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