No-code web app builder on laptop..
No-code web app builder on laptop..

How the No-Code Movement is Empowering Subject Matter Experts

The low-code and no-code movement is more than a passing trend. Low-code development and no-code development constitute an entirely new approach to app and software development.

Gartner has predicted that the low-code development technologies market will grow 20% in 2023 alone, with continued growth through 2026 and beyond:

“Organizations are increasingly turning to low-code development technologies to fulfill growing demands for speed application delivery and highly customized automation workflows,” said Varsha Mehta, Senior Market Research Specialist at Gartner.

Mehta continues on to say that no-code development can help subject matter experts (SMEs) bring their organizations up to the levels of digital competency and speed expected in today’s world:

“Equipping both professional IT developers and non-IT personas — business technologists — with diverse low-code tools enables organizations to reach the level of digital competency and speed of delivery required for the modern agile environment.”

In other words, the low-code and no-code trends we’re seeing now will only continue to accelerate.

How Do No-Code and Low-Code Development Differ?

No-code platforms like PerfectApps enable anyone to transform their workflow and web app ideas into software and app realities!

No-code development differs from low-code development in that low-code development does require some level of custom-coding, and thus, some coding knowledge, whereas no-code development does not. This makes using no-code platforms ideal for SMEs who need to build web applications and workflows quickly without coding complications.

What Does No-Code Development Do?

As we’ve noted in our blog post “No-Code Apps: Uncovering Common Myths and Misconceptions”, no-code development:

  • Augments and optimizes traditional application development
  • Eases the burden of recruiting and retaining high-cost developers
  • Frees up already-overburdened and understaffed IT and development teams
  • Can help create applications that are enterprise-ready and inherently secure
  • Empowers citizen developers, SMEs, and business technologists

How a Low-Code/No-Code Platform Can Empower You as an SME

1. Decreased Barriers to Entry

It probably comes as no surprise to you that there’s been a shortage of skilled developers in the past several years. The U.S. Bureau of Labor Statistics estimates that there will be a need to fill about 1,540,000 developer jobs yearly over the next decade. Your IT or dev team may already be feeling this crunch. If you have to contract out development, finding qualified developers who are available to take on your projects could be a challenge.

This has created the rise of “citizen developers” — employees, business technologists, and SMEs who develop their own software and applications.

The challenge with do-it-yourself (DIY) development is that coding knowledge is a significant barrier to entry.

Remove most (low-code) or all (no-code) of the required coding knowledge, and you can turn your ideas into solutions seamlessly.

2. Cost Savings

With median hourly rates of around $60/hour (or more, depending on the industry), software developers don’t come cheap. Even if you have a team of developers in-house, can you afford to add another project to their workload?

If you’re an IT professional, can you afford to take on additional app development projects?

The answer is likely somewhere between “no” or “not easily”.

The bottom line is the no-code movement allows SMEs to create their own web apps and workflows, saving precious organizational resources.

3. Time Savings

Not only can the no-code movement save your enterprise money, it can also save you a considerable amount of time. Forrester has suggested that no-code and low-code solutions are as much as ten times faster than traditional app development.

4. Reduced Friction

Let’s say you’re an IT professional. Using low-code or no-code software can save you the legwork and time associated with manual software coding tasks.

If, on the other hand, you’re a subject matter expert or citizen developer, you already hold all the required knowledge about what your web app, workflow, or web form needs to do. You can directly translate that knowledge into the solution that you build, minimizing friction and communication discrepancies and resulting in a product or process that more closely matches your vision.

5. Intuitive User Experience

No-code platforms like PerfectApps revolutionize how the world approaches software and app development. Replacing clunky, coding-intensive processes and manual tasks with seamless visual designing tools and drag & drop pre-coded elements, PerfectApps enables you to seamlessly:

  • Build user interfaces
  • Define workflows
  • Add business rules
  • Integrate with other systems
  • Create reports

Make Your Development Ideas A Reality Starting Now

You don’t have to struggle with app development due to a lack of coding knowledge or lack of developer bandwidth. Transform your app ideas into reality today with PerfectApps and you can meet your business needs all while saving time, money, and hassle.