How the Right Form Creator Software Makes Purchase Orders Easy

A purchase order is a document generated by a buyer authorizing a purchase from a seller. Once the seller accepts the purchase order, the document becomes a contract that protects both parties. Information contained in purchase orders includes things like item descriptions, prices, quantities, payment terms, applicable discounts, and shipping specifications. Businesses use purchase orders […]

Is There Such a Thing as a Perfect Form?

Have you ever worked for the military, or for a company that keeps track of form revisions? If so, it’s clear to see from the revision numbers just how challenging it can be to create the perfect form on paper. What’s more, if you’ve printed out 1,000 copies before discovering a mistake, you have to […]

Go Paperless with E-Forms and Save Time, Money

    Despite decades of promises of a “paperless office,” businesses still rely on paper for many business functions. The day when paper is completely unnecessary in business may never arrive, but the truth is, many processes can be automated and made paperless, and the payoff for doing so can be significant. When processes are […]

How to Find the Right Form Creation Software

Form creation software

When your business has a quick and easy resource for creating business forms, you’ll save time, reduce waste and resource consumption, and help keep administrative functions organized.   Paper forms served well when there weren’t electronic alternatives, but when you implement electronic forms you quickly realize how many disadvantages there are to paper-based processes. Not […]

5 Ways Better Business Process Automation Can Help Your Company Now

Business process automation is just what it says on the label: automating business tasks that used to be manual and cumbersome. Some business tasks will always require human intervention, but a huge number of tasks can be partially or fully automated, to everyone’s benefit. What can you expect if you develop a business process automation […]