5 Ways to Modernize Your Tech Stack with No-code

How to update your technology stack with no-code software

Legacy systems: Every business has them, every business leader wants to get rid of them, yet often, no one seems to know what to do about them. But as with other strategy-level tech issues – from cloud migration to digital transformation – legacy systems mean different things to different organizations. It helps to start by […]

Automated Workflows Increasingly Expected Across Industries

Automation is established in many industries, like manufacturing and IT services. But some industries consist largely of tasks for which automation doesn’t make sense. A local diner, for instance, has to be ready to provide an unpredictable range of cooked foods to customers at a moment’s notice. The good news is that even in industries […]

4 Tips to Realize the Best ROI for Workflow Automation

The benefits of having automated workflows are obvious and well-documented. Time and cost savings, a reduction in error rates, and the collection of valuable, actionable data are just a few such benefits. In short, automated workflows allow you and your team to spend less time on rote, repetitive tasks so you can focus more time […]

How Workflows Help When 3D Printing Is Introduced at Your Company

Workflow Automation

Three-dimensional (3D) printing is new and fascinating technology, presenting possibilities that were only dreamed about before. While there is a certain amount of artistic experimentation surrounding 3D printing, many businesses in many industries are already incorporating the technology into their operations. Primarily, 3D printing is used for accelerating product development, creating limited series of customized […]

Can Automated Workflows Improve Employee Engagement?

When employees are engaged in their work, everyone benefits. The employees themselves benefit from a sense of accomplishment and of having contributed to something greater than themselves, while customers benefit from an elevated experience. And companies benefit too, to the tune of a 21% increase in productivity and a 22% increase in profitability. Employee engagement […]

Online Forms Plus Mobility Equals a Paperless Business

The tantalizing idea of an office without paper was first dangled in front of the business world more than 30 years ago, with the personal computer revolution. But what futurists failed to realize was just how entrenched paper usage was, and the fact that a computer connected to a printer offered the perfect temptation to […]

What’s the Best Software to Create Forms?

Though often maligned, forms are essential to the workplace. They collect information in a standardized manner so it can be used for any number of purposes: enrollment in a fringe benefit program, requesting help for an IT problem, reporting business trip expenses, or signing up for the company volleyball team.   Fortunately, businesses are largely […]

7 Small Businesses That Can Benefit from Form Creation Software

Form creator software is an obvious addition to some types of small businesses. Those in the accounting and IT fields, for example, have clear use cases for form creation software to collect data and keep everything organized. But many small businesses that you wouldn’t expect to benefit much from form creation software may actually grow […]

How the Right Form Creator Software Makes Purchase Orders Easy

A purchase order is a document generated by a buyer authorizing a purchase from a seller. Once the seller accepts the purchase order, the document becomes a contract that protects both parties. Information contained in purchase orders includes things like item descriptions, prices, quantities, payment terms, applicable discounts, and shipping specifications. Businesses use purchase orders […]

Is There Such a Thing as a Perfect Form?

Have you ever worked for the military, or for a company that keeps track of form revisions? If so, it’s clear to see from the revision numbers just how challenging it can be to create the perfect form on paper. What’s more, if you’ve printed out 1,000 copies before discovering a mistake, you have to […]