Is There Such a Thing as a Perfect Form?

Have you ever worked for the military, or for a company that keeps track of form revisions? If so, it’s clear to see from the revision numbers just how challenging it can be to create the perfect form on paper. What’s more, if you’ve printed out 1,000 copies before discovering a mistake, you have to choose to use the imperfect forms as is or throw them out.

Online forms are not automatically perfect forms, but it’s easier to get from Version 1.0 to the perfect form if it’s electronic. You don’t have to scrap a pile of paper forms, and can make changes and updates instantly. If those online forms are part of a workflow management solution or business process management software (BPM software), you can accelerate business processes as well. Here are several benefits you should expect from your own perfect form.

Less, Rather than More, Dependence on IT Resources

You might think that adopting online forms would require the help of the IT department, but if you have the right BPM software, you’ll actually reduce dependence on your busy IT people. Why does the “right” BPM software lessen the need for IT input? Because it will allow custom workflow management solutions without requiring programming code. Look for an intuitive user interface coupled with powerful features.

Easier Enforcement of Workflow Compliance

When you create online forms as part of automated workflows, you practically guarantee workflow compliance. That’s because completed forms can be instantly submitted to the right recipient(s), and recipients can be automatically alerted that their input is needed. If a request is denied, or if a recipient requires more information, the initiator of the workflow can be notified of this. The result is far more consistency when workflows are accomplished.

Lower Operational Costs

Even before your online forms are perfected, you can expect lower operational costs. Printing and paper costs go away for those online forms, and time that used to be spent manually handing off forms or using intra-office mail can be used more productively, because completed online forms can be routed automatically. Ultimately, your workflows will become faster and more efficient, further diminishing operational costs.

Perfect form

Implement automated workflows and online forms and watch operational costs drop.

Better Process Efficiency

How efficient is it to manually fill out a paper form, then leave it on someone’s desk where it might be buried or damaged? Not very efficient at all. By contrast, submitting online forms is instant, and these forms won’t get lost or coffee-stained. If a workflow initiator wants to check the status of his or her form, this can easily involve “phone tag” and wasted time. Electronic workflow management eliminates these problems.

Better Visibility into Processes

With electronic forms and workflow management, authorized users can determine the status of a process at any time. In fact, alerts can be sent out to key players at important points in a process. There’s no more chasing down the person responsible for acting on a form and figuring out how far a workflow has progressed. This enhanced visibility into processes is one of the most important advantages of great BPM software for workflow management.

PerfectApps is BPM software that lets you take control of workflow management with online forms and automated, electronic workflows that you build yourself. It’s designed for non-technical users, so there’s no programming involved, even with the most complex workflows. Online forms approach perfection much faster than paper forms do, and coupled with electronic workflow management, the benefits to your company are measurable, both immediately and long term. We invite you to watch our demo and learn how easy it is to create perfect online forms for improved workflow.