Business Challenge:

The Ogden Clinic, a healthcare services provider with seven locations in Utah, implemented a comprehensive project to automate all of their processes to streamline the company’s workflows. The Ogden Clinic had for years relied on paper-based processes to accomplish everyday business tasks.  This was especially true in the Human Resources department, where multiple paper forms were used for a variety of processes. The forms were representative of broader workflow challenges the Clinic faced. Ogden needed to find a solution that streamlined these workflows, while also providing a clear audit trail of each process. In addition to compliance with industry regulations, the audit trails were required in case any of the forms were needed for legal proceedings.

The Ogden Clinic evaluated several solutions to solve their workflow challenges from several different vendors.  After an exhaustive review, they found many solutions proved too complicated to implement and would exacerbate, rather than solve, their workflow challenges. The challenges they faced required a no-code technology solution that provided deep functionality with an intuitive and easy to use interface.


PerfectApps’ Solution:

The Clinic selected PerfectApps because of the product’s extensive functionality, no-code capabilities, affordability and ease of use. Using PerfectApps, they have been able to automate more than 30 workflow processes, including effectively all of those in the Human Resources department.

Gordon Bradberry, Director of Information Technology, shared “We did a pilot project with PerfectApps, automating the paid time-off reporting processes. The pilot was a huge success. Once everyone saw the benefits of automating these tasks, people embraced PerfectApps and now love it unconditionally.”

After the successful pilot, the Clinic continued developing new workflow solutions with PerfectApps, including digitizing the company’s annual review process. Traditionally, each employee had to fill out multiple forms, which were then managed by the Human Resources department. Digitizing this process eliminated the time wasted processing the forms and provided clear audit trails.

Several other project were also selected for development, including quality assurance tests for clinical and laboratory staff. To ensure that the clinicians are up to date on legal and internal standards, the clinic requires them to submit written tests on relevant subject matter. Using PerfectApps no-code solutions, Clinic developers streamlined this Point of Care Testing process by creating a self-grading web application. If a clinician were to fail the test, a copy would be sent to their manager and the employee would automatically be prompted to re-take the test. This significantly reduced the amount of time spent managing these tests.

Additionally, The Ogden Clinic leverages PerfectApps’ ability to integrate with 3rd party systems, particularly active directory connections. Using this database connection on virtually every application, the IT department is able to conclusively identify and authenticate a user and ensure that only authorized personnel are allowed to submit, approve, or deny a task during its workflow lifecycle.

 Since standardizing on PerfectApps, Ogden has realized some tremendous benefits, including:

  • Automating more than 30 business processes has helped Ogden be more efficient
  • Integrating with web services, databases and Active Directory enhances productivity
  • Saving time and freeing up IT with the no-code application development platform
  • Reducing the complexity of workflow processes associated with routine requests


“PerfectApps has helped transform our workflow processes. The visual and easy to use interface has been a great addition.”

Jim Richins

Senior Software Developer

Ogden Clinic

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