New employee fully onboarded with automated forms
New employee fully onboarded with automated forms

Automate The Full Employee Onboarding Process

Whether you run human resources at a large company or own a small business, the process of onboarding a new employee is time-consuming and difficult. As part of an overall business process automation plan, using automated forms can help reduce overhead costs and cut down on time spent collecting relevant onboarding documents.
Engage New Employees From the Beginning

Regardless of the size of the company, every new hire wants to be fully engaged from the moment they sign on. Without business process automation, things like document collection and benefits enrollment start falling through the cracks, and new employees could feel left out and frustrated.

With automated forms, you leave nothing to chance. A human resources system takes care of everything when the process is automated, allowing the company to focus on more important tasks and increasing employee happiness from the very beginning.
A Streamlined Intake Process for HR Employees

Collecting, collating and record-keeping are all essential when onboarding a new employee. With business process automation and the right automated onboarding forms, everything can be done seamlessly without direct interaction from the HR department.


One of the most time-heavy tasks performed by human resources is preparing and printing new hire paperwork. Even after the onboarding documents are signed by the employee, the HR department must triple check everything for accuracy. Automated employee onboarding forms can help HR keep track of a new hire’s progress without physically sitting next to them to make sure everything is done right. Automated forms also ensure all documents and entries are stored and recorded accurately.
Increased Profitability

Companies are always looking to increase profitability and reduce overhead costs. Automated forms help achieve this by reducing printed paperwork and time spent completing the onboarding process.

In many cases, a normal onboarding process can take more than three days to complete. From filling out federal and state tax forms and signing company-related agreements to reviewing and signing up for benefits, the amount of paperwork involved is astronomical.

Using automated forms as part of a business process automation system removes the need for printed paperwork and significantly reduces the time needed for employees to print, record and properly store everything. Increased profitability is realized when anything like employee onboarding is automated.
A Culture of Technology

Technology is being integrated with nearly every section of running a business. Whether it be marketing automation, logistics, or project collaboration, harvesting a culture of technology is now essential to attracting top-tier talent and retaining the best employees.

This can all begin with implementing the right business process automation system using automated forms for onboarding. From the very beginning, give new hires the right experience by utilizing the best technology to help with intake.

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