Business Challenge:

AllMed Healthcare Staffing is relied upon by its clients to provide professional healthcare staffing as well as customized solutions that provide advance reporting capabilities and compliance monitoring. Central to this effort is the use of PerfectApps to streamline employee on-boarding, compliance form processes, client document collection and special project data collection for clients, Human Resources (HR) department, account managers and employees.

The data collection process is the critical first step to help leading healthcare companies meet their staffing needs. To ensure compliance with government, HR regulations and client requirements, AllMed needed to find a way to streamline the data capture process, providing an easy way for them to gather all required information on each data requirement.

Traditionally, AllMed developed internal solutions based on paper forms that provided question and answer components for employees to fill out before placement. This proved extremely limiting in the amount of information that could be gathered. More importantly, the paper forms were limited in their ability to integrate with the company’s databases, meaning that employee information could not be readily accessed on demand.

Faced with these challenges, AllMed needed to find a new solution that could provide the flexibility needed to function in a scalable workflow environment, adapting as new requirements are identified. Additionally, AllMed needed a solution that could easily integrate with its SQL databases, ensuring that all employee information is easily accessible to the client, internal account managers and HR department. The company also needed a solution that would allow for full integration with AlphaTrust to support digital signatures. The integration enables user authentication and identity verification during form processing, heightening security while providing a complete audit trail which is a critical step in form processing.


PerfectApps’ Solution:

Steve Walrath, System Analyst, AllMed Healthcare Staffing, chose PerfectApps because of the product’s extensive functionality and its ability to adapt and work in any workflow. AllMed was able to deploy PerfectApps to serve the data collection needs of all of its users.

AllMed uses PerfectApps to create web forms and workflow applications to streamline the data collection process. In a given situation, AllMed can have as many as 300 employees being placed and replaced at a client company in a week. In the employee on-boarding process, each time an employee is placed, they need to fill out the requisite paperwork to ensure compliance. Every time a worker is replaced, the same paperwork needs to be completed by the new employee. With high turnover, this can be a very time consuming process, and can lead to compliance challenges if the information isn’t properly stored and accessible.

With PerfectApps, AllMed is able to streamline the entire process, creating an intuitive web form that users can quickly and easily fill out. By integrating PerfectApps with its SQL databases, all information is captured and easily accessible for the user’s needs. PerfectApps also fully integrates with AlphaTrust to support the digital signature process. Through this integration, the web form conducts a full audit with the digital signature process, tracking where it occurred, when, from what IP address, ensuring compliance and privacy of all information.

The broad functionality of PerfectApps enabled AllMed to create a custom workflow solution for its users that met their specific needs, streamlining data collection. As a result, AllMed is better able to serve its users and easily handle the high volume of employees that it places. Specifically, AllMed was able to:

  • Use PerfectApps to create new user-facing web forms and workflow applications that streamline data collection processes.


  • Integrate with existing databases to ensure data collection of information; provide pathway for users to access needed information in real time.


  • Fully integrate with AlphaTrust to support the digital signature process. This provides a complete audit trail, including tracking location where the form was filled out, time it occurred, and from what IP address. The integration also fully supports user authentication and identity verification – a critical security component of the data collection process.


“PerfectApps is a very elegant tool, with incredible flexibility to work within different workflows. Our users love the applications built on PerfectApps. We expect it to continue to deliver significant ROI.”

Steve Walrath

System Analyst

AllMed Healthcare Staffing


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