IT Budgeting 2023: Technology Investments for the Year Ahead

Budgeting for next year’s technology investments

Persistent inflation, rising interest rates, continuing supply chain issues: Leading indicators point to economic uncertainty. Yet enterprise technology budgets appear to be immune to the turbulence, as IT spending will grow 5.1% in 2023, Gartner predicts. Businesses are amping up investments in datacenter systems, devices, applications, and more. This IT optimism is a lesson of […]

How to Create Workflow Automations For Your Healthcare Practice Without Developers

Automating workflows in healthcare practices

The U.S. healthcare industry has struggled with staff shortages, a challenge that will only grow by 2025 when providers will lack hundreds of thousands of nurse practitioners, nursing assistants, lab technicians, and more. Hospitals in particular have been hit hard, as providers in all 50 states predict critical shortages in the months ahead. Digital technology […]

Why Your Small Business Needs No-Code App Development Right Now?

  Small businesses have some advantages over their larger competitors. They can sense and respond to new customer demands quickly. They can turn on a dime when market drivers suddenly change. They’re not held back by bureaucracy, outmoded ways of doing business, or fear of new business models. But when it comes to technology, large […]

These Industries are Embracing No-Code Apps: Why You Should Too

Across a broad range of industries, more organizations are embracing no-code application development. They’re leveraging no-code tools to empower citizen developers, reduce the cost of digitizing workflows and forms, and quickly unleash new capabilities that accelerate operations and serve customers better. In fact, Accenture calls the emergence of no-code and low-code a “revolution” that will […]

No-Code Apps: Uncovering Common Myths and Misconceptions

When Twitter burst onto the scene in the mid-2000s, naysayers dismissed it as a one-hit wonder. Communicating in 140 (eventually 280) characters was a waste of time, they said. But 15 years and 330 million users later, it’s clear the social-networking juggernaut is no flash in the pan. The same is true of no-code application […]

Tips for Using Form Creation Software to Verify Data Accuracy

Use Online Forms to Get More Done Faster Accessibility One of the main benefits of online forms is that they can be used anywhere by anyone with an internet connection. Their widespread accessibility means employees can easily submit reports in real time and access feedback quickly. This offers a great deal of flexibility as work […]

Data Collection Made Simple with Automation

Business Process Automation Makes Things Easie In the business world, we are often too busy to focus on more mundane tasks. From creating, maintaining, and updating spreadsheets to filing electronically and manually, the sentiment that time is money couldn’t be more real today. To stay abreast of the competition, you should simplify these necessary yet […]

Tips for Using BPM to Improve Customer Relationship Management

5 Ways to Use BPM to Boost Customer Relationship Management Business process management software provides personalized insights and services designed for your business. Customer relationship management software features the latest data available for your customers. When the two processes are combined, you get a better picture of each customer, which you can then use to […]

How to Track Progress on Projects with Workflow Software


Workflow Software Tracks Processes for Efficiency In complex business operations, it can be challenging to keep track of the progress of every project or job. Project management workflow software helps by automating tasks and tracking progress in real time, which reduces manual labor and allows organizations to work smarter. How Workflow Software Can Be Used […]