How to Keep Managers Coordinated with Employee Onboarding Thanks to Form Creation Software

Integrating New Employees with Form Creation Software

When you hire a new employee, it starts a transitional period for both your management staff and the new recruit. For the new employee, it means learning new systems, meeting new colleagues and getting through a bundle of HR information. For managers, it means trying to create a process where a person can go as quickly as possible from a newbie to a contributing member of the team.

Human Resources


The Challenge of Getting on Board

A new employee has gone through the anxiety of the hiring process, submitting an application and impressing your staff at interviews. On the first day of work, he or she is confronted with a series of forms that must be properly filled out and filed to start work and get paid. You want this process to go as smoothly as possible so the new employee can handle the tasks at hand. Form creation software can place all of the necessary forms online, making them quick to fill out and easy to store and access. You will not have to worry about missed or lost forms that slow up the onboarding process.

Streamlining the Process with Form Creation Software

Employee onboarding is its own workflow process. There are a number of steps along the way like filling out the initial gaggle of employment forms, taking mandatory training sessions or validating certifications. You do not want your employees to get deep into a new task and discover they missed a training session that could affect your liability.

PerfectApps can help your management develop an efficient workflow process for integrating new employees. Using workflow form creation software, your management staff can see the progress of the new employee, making certain that this person is completely ready before coming on the job. If anything is missing, it is easy to send out reminders to get things back on track.

From Rookie to Pro

Every new employee is an important investment for your company. You pay a salary and benefits with the expectation that this person will improve and grow your business. However, the onboarding process is a time of extra investment. The longer it takes to make the transition from a recruit to a fully functional staff member, the more time and money the onboarding process costs your organization.

Getting through the onboarding process smoothly benefits management, new employees and your full staff. It takes time to coordinate with new colleagues and learn their gifts and skills. When the logistical aspects of getting on board are taken care of, you can focus on the more important matters of coordination and cooperation. If you are looking for a simple form creation software solution to help smooth out your onboarding process, sign up for a free trial at PerfectApps.