How to Track Progress on Projects with Workflow Software

Workflow Software Tracks Processes for Efficiency

In complex business operations, it can be challenging to keep track of the progress of every project or job. Project management workflow software helps by automating tasks and tracking progress in real time, which reduces manual labor and allows organizations to work smarter.

How Workflow Software Can Be Used for Tracking Team Progress



Hiring is one area that demonstrates how workflow software can track team progress. Hiring new employees has traditionally been a process that relies on paper and people. With the paper system, candidates mail or email application materials that prospective employers review before scheduling interviews. In some organizations, reviewing applications may take days, if not weeks.

Once the top candidates are selected, their applications are typically forwarded to a department head. If the department head approves the candidates, he or she informs the hiring manager who calls them and schedules interviews. If other team members participate in the hiring discussions, it could take a few days for team members to review the applications and agree on interview schedules. By the time the hiring manager contacts candidates for interviews, the best may have accepted other jobs.



Workflow software can streamline hiring and make tracking progress easier because candidates upload information into a platform that can analyze applications or resumes and select the top recruits. The candidate enters demographic data into the system, so there is no need for human resources staff to enter data manually.

Anyone involved in the hiring process can review resumes immediately and rate applicants or enter comments. Teams can make the process more efficient by further narrowing the list of interviewees after reviewing the material. Everyone involved can track each stage of the hiring process. By having access to the team’s schedule in the workflow system, the individual responsible for setting up the interviews can do so without time-consuming emails or phone calls to coordinate schedules.

Workflow Software Tracks Sales Progress

Understanding what works in sales requires regular review and analysis of marketing strategies, sales methods, and customer demographics. Workflow software provides real-time reports regarding actions that generate the most sales for your business. This information allows you to make adjustments that can increase sales.

Whether you use email marketing, direct mail, cold calling, social media, or a website to promote your products and services, it’s easy to track which contacts convert to sales. You can see which salespersons and strategies are most successful and where you need to place more or less emphasis. You can customize your workflow software to track any processes important to you. You can also demonstrate transparency since the system will generate reports for your stakeholders.

It is easy to set up workflow process automation to help your organization become more efficient and successful. Contact us at PerfectApps today and get started.