Data Collection Made Simple with Automation

Business Process Automation Makes Things Easie

In the business world, we are often too busy to focus on more mundane tasks. From creating, maintaining, and updating spreadsheets to filing electronically and manually, the sentiment that time is money couldn’t be more real today. To stay abreast of the competition, you should simplify these necessary yet tedious tasks so you can continue to focus on growing your business. What’s the best way to simplify data collection in business? Business process automation.

What Is Business Process Automation?

Business process automation (BPA) is automation that is technology-enabled for complex business processes. It is also known as a digital transformation where you can simplify your business, improve service delivery, increase service quality, and contain costs.

How Does It Work?

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Business process automation includes restructuring labor resources, utilizing software applications throughout the company, and integrating various applications. More companies are now using robotic processes automation. This emerging field, alongside BPA, uses artificial intelligence as a data-exchange layer for creating better workflow. This process adds convenience and speed to the workflow process.

Ways You Can Utilize BPA

In addition to using business process automation with artificial intelligence, companies can use this system in the following ways:


    • Contact Sales: The sales department will be prompted easily and quickly as required.
    • Mobile and Offline: You can have an automated process of creating mobile forms and use the offline field data collection as needed. In some cases, you may be able to do other things, such as collecting mobile and web forms by embedding them on your site, using mobile apps, or sending a link.
    • Automation of the Manual: Your team can receive data from you quickly by filtering the review and automating it all in one place.
    • Email Automation: You may automate branded emails by sending your team a customized mail and attached files, such as a PDF.
    • Process-Driven Messaging: You can gain insight from reports that go beyond just a spreadsheet. Advanced filters are also available to assist you in finding data trends. In addition, this service may have the option to optimize your data exchange layer in the following ways: the building of integration between each platform by mapping out your end-to-end process workflow, and giving you the logic to create your process by utilizing triggers, workflows, and jobs.
    • Compliant and Efficient Forms: You can have all your processes and forms available to be searched safely and securely in one place.
    • Security: All your forms can be secure web forms. They can also be encrypted so you can have a broad array of integrations for all accounts.
    • Form Field Logic: You will have the ability to have smarter forms that are tailored to your users.


For more information about business process automation, contact us at PerfectApps today. With help guides, demos, and more, our team can assist you step-by-step with this efficient system.