Why Online Forms Empower Your Staff to Get More Done in Less Time

Use Online Forms to Get More Done Faster Accessibility One of the main advantages of online forms is that they can be used anywhere by anyone with an internet connection. Their widespread accessibility means employees can easily submit reports in real time and access feedback quickly. This offers a great deal of flexibility as work […]

What Makes an Online Form Perfect?

The online form that is perfect for your needs depends heavily on context. Additionally, what is perfect today may be less so tomorrow due to the rapid pace of innovation and technology advancement. But that doesn’t mean it’s impossible to get it right! With the right form software and knowledge about attitudes toward forms, you […]

How to Measure ROI for Online Forms and Automated Workflows

Return on investment typically depends upon time being saved. Suppose you’re a baker, and you invest in an oven that allows you to bake twice as many loaves of bread at one time than you can now. The baking time that you save eventually means selling more loaves of bread and recouping the cost of […]

Online Forms: Why Field Labels Are More Important Than You Think

Online forms are information gathering tools. Poorly designed forms make the process harder than it has to be, but well-designed forms help information flow freely. Think of the online forms you create as a two-way conversation between the form and the user. The clearer and more concise the form side of the “conversation” is, the […]

Use Radio Buttons and Check Boxes to Optimize Online Forms

Creating effective online forms is both an art and a science. Form creators must gather the information they need, while avoiding overloading form users. They must make forms brief, engaging, nice looking, and easy to use if they want to get people to complete them. One of the main reasons people abandon forms is that […]

10 Ways to Make Your Online Forms as Convenient as Possible for Users

Forms are indispensable to online and mobile interactions. They’re a means to an end, but you’ll never get to that “end” if your online forms are poorly designed. People mentally calculate their “interaction cost” when they encounter online forms. The higher the interaction cost (due to a complex, hard-to-read, or poorly designed form), the less […]

How Online Forms Benefit Local Law Enforcement Services

Police departments depend on forms for countless processes. Though many of the forms police officers use have been put online and made mobile to streamline police operations, forms for use by the general public may still be provided on paper. This brings the problems of paper law enforcement forms (illegibility, mistakes, incomplete information, etc.) into […]

Partnering Tradition and High-Tech: Online Forms in Agriculture

Agriculture is a hands-on industry, but it interfaces with many other industries as well as with government agencies. Nobody has time for cumbersome bureaucracy, especially the farmer whose days are filled with the countless tasks and processes involved with operating a farm. Agriculture online forms have taken some of the burden off of agricultural professionals […]

Workflows Help Ensure Effective, Efficient In-House Recruiting

The two main ways companies fill vacant job positions are partnering with a recruiting agency and doing recruiting in-house. In-house recruiting teams act as an extension of the HR department and may include people from multiple departments, including the departments with unfilled positions and often the company’s marketing department as well. Doing in-house recruiting effectively […]

Banish Workflow Inefficiencies by Taking These 4 Steps

Business inefficiencies can slow growth and cost money. Many businesses turn to automated workflows to increase efficiency and help prevent errors that can more easily enter into old-fashioned, manual workflows. While automated workflows are more efficient and accurate than manual ones, they sometimes have their own inefficiencies that prevent them from operating faster, which can […]