How Defining Task Dependencies Improves Forms and Workflows

The foremost principle behind creating effective and efficient workflows is that complex tasks must be broken down into discrete steps. It sounds easy, and in many cases it is. But what if some steps depend on the start or completion of other steps? And what if one step involves the initiation of a whole new […]

Why Your Online Form Software Must Have Reporting Capability

Form software is considered a basic tool for operating a small business with efficiency and resource savings, so it’s not unusual for small startups to invest in form software right away. Investing in form software that only makes online forms and doesn’t allow for reporting on the data those forms collect is short-sighted, even if […]

Organizing Your Handyman Business with Mobile Forms

Modern families have full schedules. Less downtime means less time to take care of the household repairs that mom or dad used to tackle on weekends. While YouTube videos have given us a valuable resource for the committed DIY enthusiast, many of us lack the time needed to devote to handyman jobs in our own […]

Can Online Forms Be Fun?

When customers or employees go online, they may look forward to browsing product pages or to checking the company social network, but they probably don’t enthuse about filling out forms. Yet forms are essential for accurately collecting and processing information. You can make completing online forms as pain-free and yes, enjoyable, as possible. Doing so […]

A “Bill of Rights” for Online Form Users

Forms are needed for countless business transactions. The good news is that online forms are faster and more efficient than paper ones. But, just because a form is online doesn’t make it good. Here is a “bill of rights” for what online form users should reasonably expect. The Right to Aesthetically Pleasing Forms Online forms […]

Run Nonprofit Organization Activities Efficiently with Online Forms

Successful nonprofit organizations are organized and know how to use their resources optimally. When activities and events are streamlined, less money is wasted, and people who support the nonprofit are confident their contributions make a real difference.  Actions that must be defined and organized in order to run a nonprofit organization efficiently include: Setting goals […]

7 Small Businesses That Can Benefit from Form Creation Software

Form creator software is an obvious addition to some types of small businesses. Those in the accounting and IT fields, for example, have clear use cases for form creation software to collect data and keep everything organized. But many small businesses that you wouldn’t expect to benefit much from form creation software may actually grow […]