Run Nonprofit Organization Activities Efficiently with Online Forms

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Successful nonprofit organizations are organized and know how to use their resources optimally. When activities and events are streamlined, less money is wasted, and people who support the nonprofit are confident their contributions make a real difference. 

Actions that must be defined and organized in order to run a nonprofit organization efficiently include:

  • Setting goals
  • Determining a budget
  • Building the right teams to carry out tasks
  • Understanding the target audience
  • Flawlessly executing fundraising events

Each of these actions can be made better through the use of online forms and workflow software. This is true whether you run a small, local organization, or a nationally recognized organization with a generous budget. Here’s how workflow software and online forms help you run your nonprofit organization with maximum efficiency.

Organizing Leadership and Staffing

Whatever the size of your organization, online forms and workflows help you define and carry out leadership tasks, recruit staff members and volunteers, and reduce or eliminate wasteful duplication of effort. For example, online forms that allow interested individuals to sign up to volunteer for an event or make a donation online save everyone time and effort. When your organization plans a special event, such as an annual gala, online forms and workflows make sure no steps are omitted and your resources aren’t being spent on inefficient processes like handling paper forms and having to send things by regular mail.

Workflow Software to Manage Your Budget

Nonprofit organizations have no room for waste. Form software that allows you to create online workflows for allocating budget monies helps ensure there isn’t any. What’s more, workflows can include built-in notification triggers. For example, if a large, one-time donation arrives, relevant leaders can be automatically notified. Benefits of online budget workflows include better communication, fewer misunderstandings, and less chance of duplication of efforts.

Workflows for Marketing to Your Target Audience

Businesses and nonprofit organizations have used form and workflow software to manage marketing activities for a long time. Everyone wants a positive return on their marketing investment. Online forms and workflows enhance tracking and attention to detail that helps ensure the right people know about what you do. A marketing workflow could, for example, include parallel processes for advertising in print, while ensuring your social media strategy is attended to faithfully.

The Right Online Forms Facilitate Collaboration

When you combine online forms and workflows with transparency and automated notifications, suddenly it’s easier for people working with your organization to collaborate. Authorized individuals can be allowed to see where a particular process stands and prevent the need for endless rounds of phone calls to lock down information.

The person who carries out your social media strategy can be notified automatically when a promotional video is ready to post. That way, they can begin their work on time, knowing they have what they need. Collaboration is the key to each person knowing what to do and when to do it, and it’s also the key to avoiding “But I didn’t know!” excuses.

A well-run nonprofit organization helps people and communities improve. But they don’t just happen without a lot of behind-the-scenes work. PerfectApps is online form and workflow software that allows non-technical users to create forms and workflows that are applicable to business, education, nonprofits, or anything else that requires organization and collaboration.

Using the PerfectApps drag-and-drop interface you can put form or workflow elements exactly where you want them, and you can define permissions so that the right people see the parts of the workflows that apply to them. Watch our demo video and discover how PerfectApps gives nonprofit organizations the flexibility and power to operate at maximum efficiency.