Six Benefits of Workflow Automation

Business processes and workflows are how your company operates. Improve your workflows, and you improve your business. It’s no wonder the market for workflow automation solutions is predicted to surge from $8 billion in 2019 to $39 billion by 2027, a compound annual growth rate of nearly 24%. But there’s a simple way to automate […]

Non-Workflow Practices That Make Automated Workflows Better

Defined workflows make sense in every business. Even in creative businesses, there are many tasks that benefit from being turned into repeatable processes. And if those processes can be partially or fully automated, so much the better. From appointment scheduling to keeping the books to getting deliverables out the door, countless business tasks benefit greatly […]

Can Automated Workflows Improve Employee Engagement?

When employees are engaged in their work, everyone benefits. The employees themselves benefit from a sense of accomplishment and of having contributed to something greater than themselves, while customers benefit from an elevated experience. And companies benefit too, to the tune of a 21% increase in productivity and a 22% increase in profitability. Employee engagement […]

How Strategic Workflow Design Offers Checks and Balances for Operations

Workflows are expected to do many things flawlessly. They must orchestrate tasks so they finish on time and to completion, and many of them collect data for use in reports and other applications. Some small business owners think that workflow automations are only for big businesses with complex operations, but nothing could be further from […]

Do I Need Workflow Automation Software for My One-Person Business?

Running a one-person business may sound lonely and non-lucrative, but it certainly doesn’t have to be. People have turned one-person businesses into million dollar businesses, though most remain smaller than that. The number of single-person businesses has increased due in large part to technology evolution that allows one person to accomplish more without necessarily making […]

Why Reviewing Your Workflow Automation is Important

Developing logical workflows helps any organization run more efficiently. Even if a process is completely manual, having a sequence of steps to follow can ensure consistency, cut down on errors and omissions, and make processes go faster. Of course, today many workflows can be automated, no matter what industry you are in. Automation obviously speeds […]