The Power of HR Process Automation in Culture Building

HR process automation graphic

An organization’s culture has a significant impact on its morale, talent retention, productivity, and much more. As The Society for Human Resource Management notes, strong organizational cultures often result in: Enhanced trust and cooperation Fewer disagreements More-efficient decision-making An informal control mechanism via the ability to cultivate a strong sense of identification with the company […]

Transforming Human Resources with No-code Workflows

Digitizing human resource departments with no-code technology

Supporting digital transformation has become a top-10 HR priority, an annual HR survey by the Hackett Group shows. Yet challenges stand in the way, and “HR organizations must take greater advantage of digital technology to improve their service delivery and insights,” the report finds. But HR teams are discovering a powerful new way to achieve […]

What Are Workflow Apps?

  Intelligent process automation (IPA), robotic process automation (RPA), processes enabled by artificial intelligence (AI) – organizations are investing significant sums in different types of automation. In fact, global spending on IPA, RPA and AI business processes will grow 68%, from an estimated $20.3 billion in 2021 to an expected $34.2 billion in 2023. It’s […]