Track Your Team and Productivity With Workflow Automation

Workflow software

Track Your Team and Productivity with Workflow Automation No experienced manager will argue with the wise old adage, “Data doesn’t lie.” You need to keep tabs on your team and your processes. Lost productivity equates to lost profits and possibly lost trust in you as a manager. Traditionally, deadlines were the only way to track […]

How Business Process Automation Makes It Easier to Track Sales Inquiries


How Business Process Automation Makes It Easier to Track Sales Business process automation can replace manual labor for recurring business procedures. It minimizes cost, streamlines operations and improves efficiency. It helps reduce the amount of tiring paperwork that consumes time and results in worker dissatisfaction. Here’s how business process automation will help you solve problems […]

Use Electronic Forms to Build an Effective Business Automation Process

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Ways to Build Business Process Automation The first step towards automating a process is setting precise objectives. With those in place, it becomes easier to set up stages in the automation process. Electronic business forms come in handy whenever you need information from visitors. Once they fill out the form, you can add the information […]

Automate The Full Employee Onboarding Process

New employee fully onboarded with automated forms

Whether you run human resources at a large company or own a small business, the process of onboarding a new employee is time-consuming and difficult. As part of an overall business process automation plan, using automated forms can help reduce overhead costs and cut down on time spent collecting relevant onboarding documents. Engage New Employees […]