Workflow software
Workflow software

Track Your Team and Productivity With Workflow Automation

Track Your Team and Productivity with Workflow Automation

No experienced manager will argue with the wise old adage, “Data doesn’t lie.”

You need to keep tabs on your team and your processes. Lost productivity equates to lost profits and possibly lost trust in you as a manager.

Traditionally, deadlines were the only way to track team members’ progress on projects. However, business process automation software gives you the chance to gather customizable, accurate data throughout a project’s lifecycle.
Fix Productivity Issues

Team members Bob and Charlie both work steadily for two hours on documentation. Charlie finished 10 more pages than Bob, but Bob included more detail.

Who was more productive?

With workflow automation software, entire processes are broken down into steps, and repetitive tasks are automated.

Bob and Charlie had different outputs because the initial instruction may not have been clear about how much detail to include. Instead, Bob and Charlie could have filled out their respective sections of a templated documentation form, hit submit and sent it to the next person to either add more information or QA.

This automated consistency prevents unnecessary reviews and redo’s. It also allows you to see instantly how much of the documentation is complete at any given time.
Business Process Automation Helps You Know Everything Going on with a Project

Even the smallest businesses depend on lots of intricate, “under the hood” processes to get things done.

Workflow automation software allows you a bird’s eye view of all your projects. You will immediately know if the process is snagged and who is in charge of that step. You won’t be blindsided by a missed deadline, and you won’t need to waste time tracing the steps from the beginning to see where the issue is.

You see it, you work with the team for a solution and you see the flow continue smoothly.

Over time, you may spot trends. Perhaps a process always gets bogged in one spot. How often? Why? Who is involved? Is there a better way to do things?

Workflow automation software will give you actionable data to support improvements for change when it’s needed.
Evaluate Employees’ Skills

Besides data about the process itself, a quality software will also provide customizable reporting about employees’ productivity. You can track tasks they completed, time and steps taken and other information based on your company’s needs.

It’s a great tool to help you evaluate someone’s skill set and match assignments to it. Employees are happiest when they are succeeding at work they feel confident completing.
Workflow Software Is Easy to Use

We understand that you don’t have time to learn a new software. A software that takes hours of frustrating trial-and-error to learn defeats its own purpose.

You need workflow software that makes creating forms and productivity workflows easy, has user-friendly icons, drag and drop functionality and absolutely no coding.

PerfectApps software does all that and more. You check out how it works, sign up for free trial, or contact us to learn more.