Business Challenge:

With licenses to operate across 49 states, Madison National Life Insurance – a provider of health insurance and life insurance policies – realized that approving new policy applications in a timely manner was critical to the nature of its business. With insurance agents tasked with collecting information from applicants, usually in locations other than Madison National Life’s offices, the approval process was a complicated labyrinth of forms, delayed signatures and ignored outboxes.

Determined to leverage process automation solutions to improve the speed and efficiency of handling customer insurance applications, Madison National Life sought out a no-code application development tool following the launch of a new insurance product. The company was specifically seeking a way for insurance agents to collect and submit customer information in a more efficient, cost effective way.

The importance of creating a proper workflow to enforce compliance, as opposed to a simple web form with data capture capabilities, was key in Madison National’ Life’s evaluation of technology providers. The slowdown in the approval process wasn’t just a result of using cumbersome paper forms – it was a result of lack of action and poor visibility into the interim process as well.

PerfectApps’ Solution:

The Information Technology Team at Madison National Life experimented with a variety of solutions before deciding to go with PerfectApps. The team was particularly intrigued by PerfectApps’ pre-configured embedded intelligence options which let Madison National Life automate certain sections of the application with supporting 3rd party integrations, saving agents’ time and preventing errors.

With PerfectApps, agents can go to a customer’s house, fill out an insurance application with the customer and kick off the associated workflow process in the background immediately. With 3rd party system integration, the data is sent to external administration systems using PerfectApps’ flexible API and user interface. Madison National Life has seen some excellent results including:

  • Expanded Use: More than 200 insurance agents are using the PerfectApps-based application successfully.
  • Faster Approvals: It allows faster processing of applications and integrates directly into 3rd party external systems automatically.
  • Ease-of-use: Since PerfectApps is designed for non-technical users, the process of building applications, creating business rules and support workflows has been very low-stress.


“The people at PerfectApps are very, very supportive. It’s rare that you see that kind of convenience in this industry. Every time I call them, they’re available.”

Elino Munsayac

VP of IT

Madison National Life Insurance


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