Business Challenge:

Los Alamos National Laboratory (LANL) is directly and indirectly responsible for ensuring the safety, security and reliability of the United States’ nuclear deterrence as well as protecting against nuclear and biological threats, border security, and energy and infrastructure security infrastructure.

Los Alamos Group Leader, David Miranda, oversees two groups within the organization – Chemical Biological Inventories and Vulnerability Analysis. Prior to their partnership with PerfectApps, his teams were manually entering data and filling out reports. The methods were inconsistent, not centralized and often isolated in Microsoft Excel Spreadsheets or Microsoft Access. This meant difficulty understanding where analyses came from, lack of visibility into historical entries and no consolidated database of forms, entries, and logs. David’s goal was to identify and onboard a central solution that would enable teams to create and use fillable data requests with a built-in workflow that provided key stakeholders the ability to review and approve the requests from both mobile and desktop applications.

PerfectApps’ Solution:

Los Alamos National Laboratory found that solution and selected PerfectApps to help bring some of those consistencies and centralizations to fruition. Five different departments now have their own PerfectApps’ accounts to address their application development and workflow requirements.

From overtime request management to hazard assessments and partner ticket workflows – PerfectApps is helping Los Alamos collect, route and analyze data more efficiently than ever.

Their hazard assessment app is one area of importance, where the custom solution built on the no-code platform has become integral. When potentially hazardous materials cause facilities to go on lockdown, LANL has a clearly documented workflow and checklist to follow. When a facility goes on lockdown, their team is able to use the hazard assessment app to access their checklist and consistently evaluate the the severity of the situation and remediate it real-time. Post lockdown reports are compiled quickly and easily, filtering data by dates and zones to have a well-documented historical record of the events.

In addition to the efficiency and consistency added to their hazard assessment process, LANL is also using custom workflow solutions built with PerfectApps throughout the organization. Through these custom applications and integrations, they’re now able to:

  • Maintain records of 24-hour inventory checks to ensure new hazards have not arrived on-site unexpectedly.
  • Filter and flag new hazards for analysis, automating a workflow that delivers those reports to the stakeholders that need to address them.
  • Streamline and improve efficiency of inbound support requests from partner organizations with instant workflow triggers that deliver the request to the right teams.


“When I start looking at new work scopes or challenges, PerfectApps always comes to mind as a solution. We’re doing a lot with it, but it’s only the tip of the iceberg.”

David Miranda

Deputy Group Leader, Planning & Analysis (SAFE-PA) Mission Assurance, Security & Emergency Response

Los Alamos National Laboratory

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