Business Challenge:

The Affinity Management Group is a market leader in business consulting and survey services. Affinity has managed sales and marketing efforts for numerous Fortune 500 companies, including technology firms, telephony networks, human resources specialists, health care institutions and other professional services.

Faced with mounting deadlines and rising customer demands, Affinity needed to implement an immediate flexible solution that combined operational efficiency with dynamic customer service. Adrina Patterson, business owner, was initially drawn to PerfectApps due to its high customizability and reliability. Jeff Bowden, PerfectApps’ account manager, worked with the firm to integrate the no-code solutions into Affinity’s existing infrastructure. Since implementing PerfectApps, Affinity has seen fantastic results.

With over 20k clients, PerfectApps allows Affinity to quickly and easily execute surveys with supporting workflow processes, which provides Affinity’s customers with the business edge they need to create effective marketing campaigns and make solid business decisions. This innovative solution saves Affinity’s clients time and resources with an easy to use no-code solution.

PerfectApps’ Solution:

Affinity reported over $10 million dollars in annual sales for clients, which were primarily driven by client survey solutions. PerfectApps no-code application development solution has provided Affinity Management Group with an essential software framework, which has streamlined workflow—delivering an impressive return on investment— and transformed the way Affinity employees do their jobs. Affinity was able to replace an older, dated infrastructure with a dynamic no-code solution that improved response rates, reduced maintenance costs, and improved productivity.

  • Response rates have been reported as higher than industry averages. The sector typically has a 4 – 8% typical response rate for surveys, but Affinity reported a 37% response rate with their custom PerfectApps solutions. Affinity attributes this increase to the high customizability and attractive, professional design options.
  • Reduced maintenance costs. All technical problems are easily solved with the assistance of competent, professional technical support staff as needed.
  • Reduced lost leads due to streamlined workflow. Affinity reports that the workflow management system has prevented items from being misplaced or mismanaged, which has increased productivity and simplified process management.
  • Expanded business opportunities. Affinity cites that PerfectApps’ flexibility makes it easier to adapt to new business processes solutions, reducing costs for deployed software. They are looking at transitioning other existing processes to no-code solutions built on PerfectApps to create new business divisions.


“The service level has been phenomenal! In addition to providing excellent customer service, PerfectApps has provided us with the expandable platform we needed to improve our customer’s experience.”

Adrina Patterson


Affinity Management Group

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