Business Challenge:

Fidelity Investments is a leader in the finance world, providing financial expertise to a broad range of customers. With millions of people investing their money and managing employee benefits with them – it’s important to create best-in-class financial services for their customers.

Fidelity identified an on-boarding process that needed modernization to provide a more efficient and better overall experience for their customers. Members of the Risk Team needed to run a risk assessment with new clients to determine which line of business was the best fit based on their trading volume and activity, as well as the amount and types of assets they owned. Fidelity team members would email PDFs to their prospects, who then had to print and mail, or scan and email, back to them. Once the paper forms were received, the data had to be entered manually into Fidelity’s database.

According to Fidelity Conversion Analyst, Jason Harrell, “The process was manual in nature. We’re in an age of automation and reducing use of paper.” With that in mind, Fidelity began looking for a solution.


PerfectApps’ Solution:

Their search led them to PerfectApps. Through PerfectApps, they thought they would be able to quickly and easily develop forms and workflow applications to replace the dated processes of sending and receiving PDFs by mail or email.

By creating workflows in PerfectApps, they were now able to trigger the delivery of the new web forms to prospective clients, while data was captured and saved instantaneously. This workflow automation became a great time saver internally, speeding up the process and reducing the need for manual email delivery. It also eliminated the chance for human error by removing manual data entry. The new process, built with PerfectApps, automates the on-boarding of around seven new clients daily, eliminating hours of manual emailing and data entry.

PerfectApps has provided a number of organization-wide benefits through the varying use cases they have since launched, both internally and externally with clients, including:

  • Processing times have been reduced exponentially, as workflow processes were automated and forms were digitized.
  • Communications, both internally and externally, were streamlined through automated workflows and triggers.
  • Paper waste and cost were reduced, as manual form processes have been digitized.
  • Manual data entry has been removed from many workflow processes, reducing the possibility of errors and saving countless hours of work.


“We’re always looking to innovate and PerfectApps has helped us do just that, providing Fidelity with the innovative solutions needed and becoming a key part of our customer on-boarding process with efficient workflows that help our team determine the right solutions for each client.”

Jason Harrell

Conversion Analyst

Fidelity Investments

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