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Stay on top of the latest news in the no-code industry with PerfectApps’ blog articles.

Stay on top of the latest news in the no-code industry with PerfectApps’ blog articles.

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Q. What is no-code application development?

A. No-code app development enables subject matter experts, who may lack technical knowledge, to build applications without writing code. Using a visual designer, drag & drop pre-coded elements on a canvas to build an entire application.

Q. What is the difference between no-code and low-code development platforms?

A. No-code tools enable creation of complete, usable applications without any manual programming. Low-code solutions, on the other hand, reduce the coding required but don’t totally replace the need for programming expertise.

Q. Is it possible to integrate or share data with other applications and databases?

A. Real-time inbound and outbound connections are supported using multiple methods including SOAP or REST API, webservice connections or through the connection agent.

Q. Can I connect to a directory service to automatically populate fields with employee information?

A. Using the connection agent, you can connect to directory services.

Q. How do I make specific fields required or mandatory?

A. Configure a Check Mandatory command to reference the relevant field. Check Mandatory commands can be included in the logic of any action, not just on application submission.

Q. How can I have my app display different pages, fields or objects for different users?

A. The ability to see or interact with pages, groups, and objects can be changed for specific users through behaviors or properties. Hide objects from some users in specified stages while limiting or allowing access to others.

Q. Can I make a notification email send at specified times?

A. In the Notify command email settings, there is a Time tab where you can set a notification email to send on specific dates or time intervals.

Q. How do I send the same notification email to multiple users?

A. To send a common notification email to multiple users (with the same permissions), create a User-Group, and configure a Role in the app design that references that User-Group.

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