Why You’re Probably Spending Too Much Time with Online Forms

Most businesses realize that online forms are essential to maximizing productivity, accelerating forms workflows, and minimizing errors. But it can be frustrating to turn to online forms only to find that the improvement over paper forms is minimal, and that your workflows haven’t become smoother or faster.


Making a big capital investment in on-premises software or custom programming only to end up with forms and workflows that aren’t exactly like you want them can make you wonder if you’ll make a decent return on your investment. But online forms and workflows don’t have to be complicated, expensive, or tie up your IT team for months. There are many reasons why you’re probably spending too much time with online forms, but the good news is great solutions already exist. Here are several of those reasons and what you can do about them.


Because You’re Creating Them With Software Designed for Something Else

It’s only natural when dipping a toe into the online forms waters that you may want to start out using software you already have. Maybe your word processor software has some electronic form functionality, or perhaps your business already uses Adobe cloud, and you figure that’s a good place to start. The problem is, if you’re not using software that was expressly designed for creating online forms, you will have to deal with limitations and workarounds. Like hammering a nail with a shoe, creating online forms with word processing software is far from ideal. You need a tool designed specifically for building online forms.


Because Workflows Using Your Forms Haven’t Been Optimized

Perhaps you have succeeded in creating online forms, but getting them to where they need to go when people complete them turns out to be a chore. Online forms aren’t that much better than paper forms when routing forms is clunky or difficult, or when form recipients have to be manually notified that their input is needed in a workflow. Online forms alone can only do so much. It’s when you use them to create logical workflows that the rubber of possibility meets the road of efficiency. Choose an online forms solution that lets you create workflows intuitively.


Because Your Forms Don’t Integrate Well with Other Programs or Databases


Perhaps you have databases that you’d like to use to populate forms. Or perhaps you would like information collected on forms to be used to populate a database as well. Maybe an electronic form would allow an economical update to your CRM system that can be implemented quickly. For these needs, you simply can’t do without online form creator software that is easy to integrate with other programs and data sources. The right online forms software doesn’t wall itself off, but is able to integrate with your other programs, accelerating workflows even more.


Because You Think You Need Custom Coding for Great Online Forms

The days may have existed when having custom online forms that do what you want required the expertise of one or more programmers. However, those days are in the past. Solutions exist today that allow online forms and workflows to be created by non-technical personnel. That way, your HR professional can create HR forms that make sense for the department’s everyday needs, as can the transportation pool, building maintenance, and any number of other departments. Powerful online forms and workflows can be made with drag-and-drop convenience.



PerfectApps is form software designed specifically for creation of online forms and workflows, yet it allows you to integrate them with other data sources and programs so that they make a significant positive difference in how well your business processes perform. Available as either a cloud-hosted solution or an on-premises solution, PerfectApps lets you create online forms and workflows using a drag-and-drop interface, along with templates and menus that step you through the process of form and workflow creation intuitively. Watch the PerfectApps demo and witness for yourself how easy and affordable it is to make powerful, beautiful custom online forms and workflows without writing even one line of code.