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Online forms

Making Online Forms Fit Your Style of Team Interdependence

Many types of work teams exist. Some operate completely within one department, while others span departments, divisions, and even time zones and continents. No single type of team works for every situation, and a single company may have many types of teams, all of them with important roles to play.

One thing all teams have in common is that they must work together at some point, whether that’s on project or task details, or something peripheral, like recording their work hours and turning them in so they’ll be paid. Teams range from the highly-individualized (which you can envision as something like a gymnastics team, where individual performances go toward aggregate success) to the highly interdependent (which could be imagined as a baseball team, where multiple players are involved in every aspect of the game).

However individualized or independent a team is, all of them can be made more efficient and effective through the use of online forms for planning, recording, and submitting critical information. Here’s how.

The Highly-Individualized Team

Suppose you have a team of field representatives dispatched far and wide. Each is expected to make sales, and even if everyone is paid by commission, the individual successes add up to team success. Such teams are increasingly common in today’s broadband- and mobile-connected business world. A company could be headquartered anywhere, and easily have team members in different cities, states, or countries. When the members of these teams have the tools and training they need to perform with excellence as individuals, they not only succeed personally but also contribute to organizational success.

How Online Forms Help Individualized Teams

Having online forms that are designed specifically for your highly-individualized team members not only gives your team more cohesiveness, it makes managing independent workers far easier. Simple document management forms help ensure that everyone’s work is acknowledged when submitted, and can be used to resolve problems if there should be a disagreement later. Logging of hours or deliverables can be done from anywhere and at any time if your online forms are mobile-friendly. The right form software allows you to customize online forms for the precisely defined needs of your team.

The Highly Interdependent Team

Online forms
Teams may share an office or span continents

Many work processes must be carried out by teams that are highly interdependent. One person may be required to initiate a process, while someone else takes care of steps further down the line. Many people’s hands may have touched a product or deliverable before it is finished, and without each team member being aware of what others on the team are doing, problems can arise. If, for example, your work team tests new equipment, someone receives the equipment, someone else may schedule use of a test facility, while a third person carries out the tests. Another person may take the data and turn it into a report, while someone else calculates everyone’s hours.

How Form Software Helps Interdependent Teams

Just as online forms help dispersed, independent teams stay on the same page, they keep highly interdependent teams on track and knowledgeable about project status at any one time. Has time in the equipment test facility been scheduled? Checking with an online workflow made up of all the online forms that go with the process can provide this information instantly. Interdependent teams are similar to Swiss watches in that each part must interact with other parts in very specific ways in order for a function to be carried out. Form creator software helps ensure everyone knows what to do, and when to do it, and documents each step.

Form software should help you bring your unique team together to accomplish what they set out to do, allowing everyone the flexibility to proceed and document steps exactly as they happen. PerfectApps offers users outstanding flexibility, making it easy to create online forms to your custom specifications through a convenient drag-and-drop interface. When online forms are linked into custom, online workflows, users can stay apprised of their own and others’ status at any time, wherever they may be. PerfectApps is mobile-friendly, so team members can update forms and workflows anytime, anywhere. We invite you to watch our demo video, so you can see for yourself how PerfectApps can bring together any type of team and help them perform better.