Form Design Software Can Help with Marketing Tasks: Here’s How.

The marketing department may focus most of its efforts on creating marketing content, yet there is a place for electronic forms and workflows in several parts of this process. Form-design software, rather than constraining the creation of outstanding marketing content, can facilitate it, by making the administrative tasks that go along with content creation easier, faster, and more accurate. Eliminating the chore of filling out forms by hand to track content lightens the load considerably.

In fact, the right software is like having your own workflow designer on tap, assisting you with numerous tasks involved in the creation and distribution of marketing content, as well as gathering potential customer data from web forms.

Design Web Page Landing Forms

Web page landing forms can make or break your inbound marketing push. When you use your form design software to do this, it’s not only easy to create a great design that you can adjust as necessary, it’s easier to make use of the information collected from those landing pages. In fact, landing page input can be automatically routed to one or more databases, spreadsheets, or other repositories so it doesn’t have to be re-entered manually, and can be used for multiple purposes by marketing and sales personnel.

Manage Content Production

Content production requires keeping track of ideas, setting deadlines, and sticking to an editorial calendar. Ideas submitted to editors electronically won’t be lost in a stack of papers, and you can find out at any time exactly where a particular piece of content is in the process. An electronic workflow for archiving older content keeps it out of the way, yet easily reachable – without the need for physical filing cabinets to store hard copies in. If a piece of marketing content is especially well-received, finding out who the writer and editor were can help you replicate that excellent reception with other pieces.

Interface with Your CRM

The right workflow designer doesn’t just create electronic forms and workflows but lets you interface with other software. For example, if you use a Customer Relationship Management (CRM) solution like Salesforce, having form design software capable of interfacing with it maximizes the usefulness of data, eliminates duplication of effort, and makes managing prospects more current and accurate. The more you can automate processes that used to be manual (like entering data into your CRM), the more time your team can focus on actual marketing and selling.

Coordinate Email Marketing

Form design software

Email marketing may not be glamorous or exciting, but it still works and many companies still use it. In fact, it’s the second most popular medium for generating high lead volume and the third highest ranked medium for the capture of quality leads. Integrating forms with your email marketing platform lets you add to email lists virtually in real time, so your team can devote more time and attention to nurturing leads rather than entering data into forms. It can be great for minimizing the time between a prospect completing a landing page form and receiving your brand messages.

Marketing (and sales) may be personalized and hands-on, but that doesn’t mean there’s no place for electronic forms and workflows. On the contrary, the right Form Software allows you to automate administrative tasks and free up time for concentrating on marketing rather than data collection or entry.

Having PerfectApps is like having your own workflow designer on staff because it empowers the non-technical user to design and deploy custom electronic forms and workflows without having to know how to program. It interfaces with web forms, databases, and other software, so you can cut down on data entry and be more confident about the consistency of the data your team works with.

PerfectApps is terrific for traditional administrative functions like HR forms, building maintenance, and new employee onboarding, but it’s flexible and powerful enough that it can be put to an almost unlimited variety of uses – including with your marketing department. Organizing production of marketing content, tracking web landing page use, and sticking to your content marketing editorial schedule are all easier with PerfectApps. We encourage you to watch the demo for more inspiration about the amazing ways PerfectApps can be put to work in all departments of your organization.