Expense-Shattering Benefits of Using Online Forms

Online forms can revolutionize a wide range of work processes. Human resources forms can be made faster and more accurate, IT requests can be streamlined, and a business’s online presence can be made more productive and customer-centric.

But online forms aren’t solely about speed and convenience. They can also bring down expenses appreciably, which allows for more generous profit margins. Here is how choosing the right online forms and workflow designer reduces costs in six operational areas of the typical business.

By Reducing Demands on the Tech Team

There was a time when having online forms meant custom programming, plus all the iterative testing that goes along with it. Today you can obtain workflow designer software that doesn’t require programming, so your tech team can focus on more important issues. At the same time, the people who actually use the online forms can custom-design them, take them live, and test and modify them as necessary.

By Minimizing Development and Deployment Time

With the right workflow designer software, creating and deploying online forms doesn’t take nearly as long as it used to. HR won’t have to tap your IT team to design and implement online forms, because they can design them exactly as they want without programming. Furthermore, departments like Marketing can test variations on online forms (like landing page forms) until they reach an optimum design that engages web visitors best.

By Increasing Workflow Compliance

Many industries are bound by government or industry regulations. When your workflow designer software allows you to build in checks and balances with your online forms, you can greatly increase your confidence that all processes are regulatory-compliant. Ideally, your software should allow you to easily produce reports demonstrating workflow compliance, so that you’re covered in the event of an audit.

By Cutting Operational Costs

The cheapest paper and ink are the paper and ink that you don’t have to buy. Online forms save physical resources and the expenses that go along with them, including storage costs. A room full of filing cabinets can be transformed into extra workspace, and the money you used to spend on paper and ink can be put to better use. What’s more, transitioning from paper to online forms makes your business “greener” while saving money.

Online forms

By Improving Process Efficiency

The best workflow designer software allows you to map out workflows visually so you can make them as efficient as possible. For example, mapping out workflows visually can reveal parts of processes that could be carried out at the same time (in parallel), rather than in series, making the process go faster. Of course, the change from manual, paper-based process to online electronic process is measurably more efficient due to speed and error reduction.

By Increasing Workflow Process Visibility

With antiquated manual workflows, knowing the status of a given workflow wasn’t always easy. It often meant tracking down the individuals involved in the workflow and finding out how far each of them had progressed, which cost a lot of time. With electronic workflows, however, authorized personnel can assess the status of a workflow online at any time, learning exactly which steps have been completed and which are awaiting action.

The bottom line is that there is simply no reason to stick with paper-based manual work processes when you can easily create online forms with the right workflow designer software. It won’t involve a big IT initiative, and you can roll out improvements in days or weeks, rather than months or years.

PerfectApps is workflow designer software that doesn’t require users to know how to program. Rather, it offers a user-friendly, drag-and-drop interface that lets electronic forms and workflows be created by the actual people who deal with them, so they can get them exactly right. You can build alerts right into workflows, check workflows at any time to determine their status, and create outstanding reports that demonstrate regulation compliance and provide the statistics you need to get on a path of continuous improvement. To learn more, we invite you to watch the PerfectApps demo. You’ll see right away how PerfectApps can measurably reduce expenses while boosting productivity significantly.