Does Your BPM Software Perform? Answer These Questions to Find Out.

Business process management (BPM) is a methodical way of optimizing and managing operations by connecting and automating processes to increase efficiency.

With the right BPM software features, companies can increase and enforce standardization of processes and improve business performance. Some companies use workflow software for BPM, particularly if they prefer a no-code solution. But whatever type of BPM software a company uses, they must periodically reassess whether it’s earning its keep. Ask and answer the following questions to gain insight into whether your BPM does what you need it to do.

Is Your BPM Software Easy to Use?

No one expects BPM software to be as easy to use as the latest addictive game app, but neither should it be too challenging to use. Taking time up front to train people on using BPM software is important, and the software provider should offer generous training resources for both basic and specialized uses.

Creating the workflows that power business processes should also be intuitive. BPM software should be easy enough to use that your teams are inspired to expand its use – automating more processes that benefit from it.

Is Your BPM Software Fully Customizable?

BPM software should not lock you into applications that the software company thought of. Every company is different, and every company accomplishes business processes in their own way. While templates can be tremendously helpful, particularly at the beginning of an automation initiative, you should have the ability to create fully customized, automated business processes that address your needs specifically.

Does Your BPM Software Improve Organizational Transparency?

The primary function of BPM software is to streamline and accelerate processes, but as a secondary effect, it should increase the transparency of business operations. For example, BPM software should allow a user to check on the status of any workflow for which they have authorization at any time.

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One of the most frustrating things about business processes is how quickly they can become opaque, not allowing participants to find out the status of workflow components without calling around to multiple people. BPM software should do away with that type of annoyance.

Does Your IT Infrastructure Adequately Support Your BPM Software?

Some BPM software runs in the cloud, while other BPM software runs on the premises, on company servers. Some businesses need the control that comes from running software right on the premises. But for companies that don’t, ensuring that IT infrastructure can meet demands is an ongoing concern.

With cloud-hosted BPM software, it is the software provider that must worry about infrastructure, freeing the companies that use the software to focus on more important things, like core business operations.

BPM software is workflow software that streamlines overall business operations. Having the right BPM solution is essential for extracting the maximum value from business. PerfectApps offers a BPM software solution that is easy to learn and use, fully customizable, promotes business transparency, and runs either in the cloud or on the premises.

The drag-and-drop interface is the very definition of “no code,” and PerfectApps offers a range of templates while still allowing full customization. Best of all, you can try PerfectApps for free by signing up for a trial. And if you have any questions, we invite you to contact us at any time.