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App Design - Getting Started

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Very often, your first decision will be to decide which process to build first. If you only have one process to build, then that decision is made for you, but when there may be several processes to build, some factors can influence this decision.


Here are a few pointers that might help:


Start with a simple process.

There is no point in making things more challenging than they need to be by starting with a complex process. Building even a simple process will teach you many new skills, which will undoubtedly help with any future, less simple apps you build later.


Choose a process that needs to be built.

Consider the processes you have at hand. If several existing processes are functioning well, consider building them later. However, if processes need to perform optimally, consider starting with them, provided they are simple and are ready to be built.


Choose a process that is ready to be built.

It's crucial to anticipate the need for minor modifications when embarking on the process-building journey, especially with a poorly functioning process. You and the stakeholders must proactively decide on these modifications before you start, ensuring the process is ready to be built.



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