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Limiting User Access to App Fields

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Your app instances will be opened by different people at different stages of its life. You would not want to allow all users the same level of access to fields at all stages. For example, if you were to do that, applicants would be able to authorize their own requests.


With field state management you control access to individual objects on the app. You can prevent individual roles from changing, or even viewing, specific data or areas on the app. This section describes how to control access to fields based on a user's role and the workflow stage that the app instance is in.



You do not have to have workflow and roles configured on a app to limit user access to fields and pages. You will simply set field states for the objects on the app in the object Properties panel. However, those states will always apply regardless of the user or the stage the app is in within its life cycle.


Also, while it is possible to control field access through behaviors using a combination of condition branches and set state objects, it would be quite complicated to manage it in that way.