Using Workflow Tools to Make Leisure and Hospitality Services Better

Every business should strive for exceptional customer service, but in the hospitality industry, outstanding customer service is a baseline and exceeding customer expectations is a powerful differentiator among competitors. Much of the art of customer service is only developed through innate capability, training, and practice. But that doesn’t mean that workflow form creator software has […]

5 Reasons Why Google Forms Fall Short for Workflow Management

Workflow tools

Companies that are just starting up and dealing with constrained budgets are happy for solutions like Google Forms, which allows them to create electronic forms online. In the first days of a company’s life, keeping costs down is often a top priority, and finding low-cost or free solutions can help them keep going until revenues […]

Workflow Tools: Has Your Company Entered the Reduced Error Era?

  The pace of business today is brisk. Clients and customers expect their products and services to be delivered efficiently, without a lot of extraneous procedures and needless delays. What’s more, clients and customers won’t tolerate mistakes, because they know technology is available to make things faster and more accurate. There are some processes that […]