4 Ways to Use Workflow Software to Manage Your Team Better

Teams are of tremendous value to organizations, because they bring together complementary skills and styles. Strong teams are particularly valuable for their ability to continue even in the face of problems that might put individuals out of commission. For example, if one team member is out sick, the others can often cover their work so […]

Decision Points and Rules: Making Workflows Do the Right Thing

The name of nineteenth century English mathematician George Boole may not ring a bell when you’re thinking about workflows, but in fact his work on logic created a foundation for much of the digital economy of today. Boolean algebra is all about logic, starting with a basic concept of “if this, then that.” Boole went […]

What Your Business Can Learn from Publishers about Workflows

The books, magazines, and professional journals you consume all come to you after an intensive process that really only begins after writers have finished putting words on the page. This is true whether you read a publication that is printed on paper, or if it comes to you in electronically. Getting words from the stage […]

Workflows Reduce Time-to-Market without Compromising Quality

“Time-to-market” is how long it takes from the time a product is envisioned until it is actually for sale. It’s a particularly important concept in industries where products grow obsolete quickly (like fashion). While the first company to get a brand-new product on the shelves may have had the luxury of time to develop the […]

Is ‘Journey-Driven Design’ the Next Workflow Evolution?

The concept of “mobile first” in the context of user interfaces for work processes and customer-facing transactions has been at the forefront of automated workflow development for several years now. And while mobile device use is as strong as ever, the typical user may switch between devices at multiple points during a process, particularly in […]

What Is LDAP Synchronization and How Does It Improve Workflows?

The acronym LDAP stands for Lightweight Directory Access Protocol. It is a special set of software rules that allows people to easily locate files, devices, individual accounts, and organizations on a network. The network could be public, like the Internet, or it could be a private network that is only for use by a single […]

How Workflow Software Is Redefining Customer Support

Some of you may be old enough to remember the multi-story department stores of yesteryear that were attended by well-dressed sales clerks who were in the know about ways they could go above and beyond when helping their best customers. Maybe they saved a particular dress “in the back” in the size of a good […]