What’s the Best Software to Create Forms?

Though often maligned, forms are essential to the workplace. They collect information in a standardized manner so it can be used for any number of purposes: enrollment in a fringe benefit program, requesting help for an IT problem, reporting business trip expenses, or signing up for the company volleyball team.   Fortunately, businesses are largely […]

5 Ways to Create Forms Easier

Forms came about as the industrial revolution gained traction. Before then, there was little need because there wasn’t as much in the way of office work for industries. But as the paperwork that accompanies manufacturing increased, businesses looked for ways to make office work proceed as efficiently as the assembly line. Hence, forms were developed. […]

How the Right Form Creator Software Makes Purchase Orders Easy

A purchase order is a document generated by a buyer authorizing a purchase from a seller. Once the seller accepts the purchase order, the document becomes a contract that protects both parties. Information contained in purchase orders includes things like item descriptions, prices, quantities, payment terms, applicable discounts, and shipping specifications. Businesses use purchase orders […]

How to Use Online Forms to Convert Visitors to Customers

Online forms are practically mandatory for any company that does business online. The problem is, most people don’t like filling out forms. If they’re going to spend time completing an online form, they want the payoff to be worth it. But there are many things you can do to engage people and encourage them to […]