7 Examples of Web App Integration Done Right

Web app integration

Connecting disparate systems, technologies, and workflows could be the missing link for your business when it comes to increasing productivity and efficiency. One of the best ways to do just that is to integrate web apps you’re already using together. Better yet, integrate existing apps together under the structure of new workflows for maximum efficiency. […]

Enhancing Information Retrieval with AI: An Introduction to Retrieval Augmented Generation

Introduction In today’s data-driven world, the ability to quickly find and utilize information is crucial for any business striving to maintain a competitive edge. Traditional search technologies often fall short when handling complex queries or vast databases. This is where AI steps in, transforming information retrieval through innovative techniques like Retrieval Augmented Generation (RAG).  RAG […]

What Is a Web-Based App? A Guide for Beginners

What is the definition of a web app? Encyclopedia Britannica says, “any service offered over the Internet.” But the reality is a bit more complex and nuanced. To truly understand what a web app is, it’s best to start with what a native mobile app is. As Amazon Web Services notes, “Web apps are delivered […]

Web Form Abandonment Mitigation: 5 Strategies for Higher Conversions

User fills out a mobile web form on their smartphone.

Web forms are a great way to collect information about potential users or customers. But a majority of users — 81%, according to The Manifest — have abandoned at least one web form, with 59% indicating they’ve done so in the past month. So, how do you mitigate web form abandonment and optimize for conversion? […]

Beyond Aesthetics: Optimizing Conversion with Web Form Design

Person fills out a program application web form

Web forms are essential for your business-related information gathering needs, providing key information about clients, customers, and patients. They serve as gateways to both customer interaction and data collection. Is it possible to create a bad web form, though? The answer is yes. Not all web forms are alike. A thoughtful, intentional, and well-designed web […]

Customer Service & Support Trends for 2024 Onward

Customer support agent counts on his fingers

Customer support and customer service are two interrelated, yet distinctive ways to show up for your customers, as Zendesk notes. While customer service is an “umbrella term for all interactions that enhance customer experience and help improve their relationship with the company,” customer support relates to communication surrounding near-term fixes and problem-solving. Both are important. […]

Building AI Applications: 5 Ways To Integrate AI Into Web App Building

AI-driven automation can be used to streamline complex workflows and enhance efficiency. When paired with no-code web app and workflow development, it allows non-technical users to create sophisticated workflows, decreasing dependency on traditional coding expertise. Here are five different applications for web app design AI. 1. Natural Language Processing Integration Natural language processing (NLP) is […]

How to Transform Web App Development with No-Code Required

“No Code” spelled out in white lettering against a periwinkle blue background and several small conceptual animations of no-code tools in use.

You need to develop a web app. Doing so used to require knowledge about how to code. But that isn’t necessarily the case anymore. It’s now entirely possible to build a web app with no code required. In fact, it’s not only possible, it’s the way of the future. While no code tools won’t likely […]

Enhance Your Customer Experience with These 3 Customer Service Workflow Ideas

Customer support professionals provide assistance over phone and computer

Courteous and prompt service is an invaluable part of the customer experience. Without a process or workflow in place for your customer service and customer support teams, your customers’ overall experience with your organization is almost certain to suffer. That, in turn, can manifest itself in several other ways, including damage to your organizational reputation […]

Managing Company Growth with Internal Finance Process Automation

Natural wood pegs sit inside a flowchart that’s set against a sky blue background, demonstrating the concept of financial process automatio

Nobody likes busywork. Unfortunately, finance and accounting teams must often complete a variety of mundane manual tasks that take up precious bandwidth. What’s more, finance tasks often require mathematical precision and pinpoint accuracy.   For these reasons, and more, finance processes and functions are often ripe for not only automation, but also hyperautomation, which Gartner defines […]