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PerfectApps™ Help Guide

Drill-down reporting is easily accomplished with PerfectApps. In fact, it works automatically with certain objects that are placed within the same report. Drill-down is controlled by the following reporting object properties:


Can set dynamic filter - This option tells PerfectApps that any click within the selected reporting object should be broadcast to all other objects on the report. Unchecking this option means no drill-down will occur as a result of a click on the object.

Respect dynamic filter - This option tells PerfectApps that any drill-down event broadcast from another reporting object should be respected and so it will filter its data. Unchecking this option means that this object will not respond to a drill-down event in another object.

Override Previous - By default, each object that you click on for a drill-down remains in effect when subsequent objects are selected. In other words, the drill-downs you select are cumulative. However, you may want a drill-down selection to clear all other existing drill-down filters before performing its own drill-down. In this case, you would check the Override Previous box.


You can also use filter objects which can often be easier and more obvious to use.


A Filter Selector is a drop-down or list that report users can select to drill-down on report data. Report users can select multiple options in a list-type filter selector, which will function as logical OR selections. A drop-down type filter will only permit the user to make a single selection. At report run time, the report will be populated with unique field values for the selected field.


A Filter Input object allows the user viewing the report to search for data.


The Clear Filter button is a reporting object that allows the report user to clear all drill-down 'dynamic' filters.



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