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Report Design - Getting Started

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The PerfectApps reporting module can be used in a few different ways.


oReporting on data using traditional reporting objects such as pie charts, bar charts and tables.

oCreating an access portal in a table with links to open up the app instances.

oCreating a table with filters to permit extraction of sections of the overall data into CSV or XML format.


There are some restrictions with the reporting module:


oYou can only report on data collected by PerfectApps app instances. You cannot report directly on data in a third party database.

oTo view a PerfectApps report it is necessary for the user to have a Full User or Basic User license.


The report designer is very similar to the app designer in appearance and use, but there are three key differences.


oThe report designer includes a toolbox specifically for the reporting objects. This toolbox contains the charts, tables and filters used to build a report.

oThere is no Workflow included in a report. A report is simply opened, viewed and closed by a licensed user.

oIn the report properties there is a section where you define the data source for your report. A data source will be a PerfectApps app and its instances.



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