5 Ways Flexibility in Your Workflow Designer Makes IT Services Better

Providing IT services quickly and consistently is essential for businesses and organizations of all sizes, and in all industries. Ideally, IT services should be aligned with the needs of the organization itself, the employees who use the IT infrastructure, and customers as well.

Using a workflow form creating software to create custom IT services workflows is an excellent decision. Many organizations already use a workflow designer to create electronic forms and workflows for other processes (like HR processes). Pre-packaged IT service software may not meet a given organization’s needs. Here are five ways the flexibility of your workflow designer can make your organization’s IT services better.

1. By Allowing You to Tailor IT Services to Your IT Users

Perhaps your organization already uses workflow tools to accomplish other tasks, like onboarding new employees or requesting building maintenance. A flexible online form builder allows you to make the electronic survey forms and workflows harmonious with the ones people use for other processes, so the learning curve isn’t steep. You can even carry over the “look and feel” of your other workflows with characteristics like colors, logos, and fonts.

2. By Helping You Collect Valuable, Actionable Data

Flexible workflow automation tools that allow automatic collection of data every time a form or workflow is accessed builds a knowledge base that can be used to improve services, detect trends, and recognize problems. For example, you may discover that more IT service requests come in on Thursday than any other day. With this information, you could adjust staffing so that more people are available at peak times, optimizing your resource allocation.

3. By Allowing Visibility into the Entire Service Process

People want to know what’s going on behind the scenes, even if they don’t understand the technicalities of it. When you order something online, you want to be able to track your order and know what’s happening with it. Likewise, the right workflow designer allows your IT users to not only request help when they need it, but also to be able to review its status, know what has been done, and where the request is in the help queue.

4. By Helping You Refine Processes as Needs Change


Pre-packaged IT services software can’t always adapt to changing circumstances as readily as you would like. An influx of new mobile devices for field service technicians may be difficult for “canned” IT service desk software to cope with, but with a flexible workflow designer, you can create workflow tools that accommodate changes quickly and easily. If a new reporting requirement is implemented, your workflow designer can create a reporting workflow without disrupting everything else.

5. It Replaces Inefficient, Cumbersome Manual Processes

Sometimes new companies start out with a one person “IT Department” who happens to be good with computers and who tries to help people having difficulties. The “process” may involve hastily jotted down sticky notes, that can easily be lost, and phone calls that can quickly be forgotten in the rush of a busy day. Workflow tools allow you to create fast, automated workflows that ensure the right people are informed in a timely manner. Those phone tags and sticky notes become things of the past.

Organizations that use workflow tools for processes like reserving equipment, logging visitors, assigning office furniture, and others, can, with the help of a powerful, flexible workflow designer, create custom workflow tools for provision of IT services. Your organization’s IT service needs are unique. With a workflow designer like PerfectApps, you have the power to define IT service processes and quickly develop the online forms and workflows needed to deliver those processes.

PerfectApps has a user-friendly, drag-drop interface, so non-programmers can easily create reports online, as well as forms and workflows that make sense to the people who use them. It has a virtually unlimited range of uses, across departments, in all types of organizations. Providing efficient, accurate IT services can be one of the best ways to ensure a smoothly running organization. PerfectApps makes this possible without the need to hire programmers. We would love for you to watch our demo, so you can see for yourself just how powerful and flexible a workflow designer solution PerfectApps is – for IT services or any other type of workflow you can imagine.