Why Out-Processing Departing Employees Is a Critical Workflow

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Employees leave for a variety of reasons. Whether their departure is a joyous occasion or not, out-processing is a critical workflow that should be a higher priority than it is for many organizations.

If ever there was a workflow that should be automated, out-processing is it. You don’t want to forget any steps or leave any loose ends when an employee leaves, because going back and fixing mistakes later may be difficult or impossible. For most organizations, a combination of online forms and automated workflows can handle employee offboarding processes flawlessly. Having the right workflow software is the key. Here are some points to consider when out-processing employees.

Ensuring Cybersecurity When an Employee Leaves

Preventing compromise of technology assets is one of the most critical aspects of employee out-processing, and those assets may be tangible (like employer-issued devices) or intangible (like access to the organizational network). Not only must any employer-issued devices be recovered and restored to default settings, personal employee devices used for work must be rendered incapable of accessing the network, and certain apps may need to be removed. Removing access to the company network is essential for every departing employee.

Recovering Non-Tech Company Belongings

When employees have non-tech belongings issued by the company, such as keys, lab coats, manuals, or uniforms, these belongings must be returned or otherwise accounted for, along with access badges and any codes attached to them. Creating automated workflows for recovering these items can be based on employee onboarding workflows in which these items are distributed so that nothing is forgotten. It may sound trivial, but a company uniform in the hands of a disgruntled employee could grant them access to places or resources that need to be protected, so be sure to collect any and all company-issued collateral.

Providing a Checklist to the Departing Employee

Many organizations provide handy online forms that employees can use to ensure they take care of all their obligations before leaving on their last day. With automated workflows, these checklists can be automatically submitted to supervisors or other key personnel to confirm that the proper steps have been taken. These online forms and workflows can be tremendously helpful to departing employees, who may be overwhelmed with tasks and information related to their departure.

Reconciling Unused Paid Time Off

Automated workflows are indispensable for reconciling unused paid time off that must be added to a departing employee’s final paycheck. Such a workflow may require input from timekeeping software, employee supervisors, HR, and Payroll, and accuracy is mandatory to avoid problems with withholding and taxes. Ensuring that employee hours and paid time off square perfectly when the employee leaves is one of the most important parts of the out-processing procedure, and automated workflows help ensure it’s done correctly.

When an Employee Dies

Unfortunately, there are occasions when out-processing must be done after an employee death, and established workflows help ensure that nothing is forgotten in the emotional upheaval surrounding the death of an employee. Creating an out-processing workflow for such an event may feel morbid, but should your organization ever have to cope with an employee death, you’ll be glad you took the time to do so.

The right workflow software will help your organization with far more than out-processing departing employees. It should offer enough flexibility to enable you to make customized workflows that meet your exact needs, and it should be easy enough to use that workflow users can design the forms and workflows they require without having to get help from the IT department.

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