No-Code BPM: Don’t Think of It as ‘Less-Than’

No-Code BPM

There’s no such thing as “one size fits all” when it comes to business process management (BPM).

Analyzing business processes from end to end involves knowing how each step connects to the next, making improvements, testing, and monitoring to ensure quality, consistency, and efficiency. These steps are done differently by different organizations.

Likewise, the BPM software that makes sense for one company may be wrong for another. As BPM grows and specialized BPM niches break away, businesses have much to consider when choosing a BPM solution. One popular solution, especially among small and medium-sized businesses is what is known as “no-code BPM.” But don’t be fooled. “No-code” does not mean inferior or limited.

What Is No-Code BPM?

No-code BPM is done through BPM software that does not require software users to know how to program. It requires a user interface that is easy to grasp and allows the person or team creating the workflow to bring elements into place and connect them without writing BPM programming code.

As you might imagine, software that empowers no-code BPM is faster and easier to use. Consequently, companies that make good use of no-code BPM software can see a faster positive return on their investment. Frequently, these businesses are inspired to create BPM use cases that they may never have considered before.

Putting Creative Power in the Hands of Process Users

BPM software that requires no programming puts creative power into the hands of process users, and that typically leads to solutions that make sense in their everyday context. In earlier eras, when a programmer had to be hired for building BPM workflows, the addition of that third party added a layer of opacity between the process users and the software powering the workflows.

No-code BPM leads to greater transparency, because often, the very people who create the BPM workflows are the ones who will be using those workflows in daily operation. In other words, they can custom-tailor their workflows to meet their needs exactly – all without having to bring in a programmer.

Small and Medium Enterprises Benefit Disproportionately

No-code BPM makes particularly good sense for smaller businesses. Custom BPM programming doesn’t come cheap, and newer or smaller businesses simply may not have the resources for it. But with the right BPM software, they can take advantage of the many opportunities business process management offers, all while maintaining the agility that smaller enterprises are known for.

The key is finding BPM software that is built with workflow creators and users in mind, and based on their needs. With the right no-code BPM solution, process users can drag and drop workflow elements into place, easily test them out, modify them, and get them just right before deployment. And should those processes need modification, doing so is simple and straightforward.

PerfectApps is BPM software that requires no programming, yet allows creation of custom workflows from the very simple to the highly complex. It has a user-friendly, drag-and-drop interface that makes it easy for process experts – the ones who use processes every day – to automate and streamline them, without having to write a single line of programming code.

PerfectApps offers both the power and the flexibility companies of any size need to create custom workflow solutions in any department, for a nearly unlimited range of uses. From creating online HR forms that automatically funnel employee information into necessary forms and databases to designing complex workflows with multiple steps and branches, PerfectApps can deliver. Best of all, you can test drive PerfectApps for free by signing up for a free trial. Sign up today and experience the power of no-code BPM for yourself.