How to use workflow software to help manage new changes to your business brought on by the COVID-19 pandemic.

How Workflow Software Helps Businesses Manage Changes Due to COVID-19

There remains a lot of uncertainty in the world about how to adapt to the effects of COVID-19 and prepare for equilibrium post-pandemic. Operations of all kinds have been affected, resulting in economic implications for small businesses, education, banking, health care, manufacturing and many other industries.

However, social distancing measures, such as working from home, have led to a dispersed and disparate workforce. To maintain business consistency and product quality, automated workflow software has emerged as a vital productivity asset.

Automated Workflow Software

Workflows are essentially a set of work activities in sequence or processes that run in parallel. Workflow software is a form of business process management that uses the same series of logic to automatically track and manage such processes as data entry or approvals. This allows a business to update an entire team on progress, conserve all relevant data and streamline manual tasks.

How Workflow Software Helps Businesses

Versatile and adaptive workflow applications from PerfectApps adapt to multiple business requirements. Our software can enhance process visibility, communication, compliance and development/deployment while minimizing IT dependence and enabling cost savings. This will come in handy for many industries impacted by the pandemic.

Remote Workers

Automated workflows allow employees working from home, hourly workers or freelancers to record the amount of time dedicated to projects or tasks. These workflows are commonly known as time-tracking applications. They can also apply to professionals, such as accountants or lawyers, who bill by the hour. Workflow software consistently updates employees on the project process and alerts them to tasks remaining to complete as well.

Health Care

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Workflow software can optimize multiple areas of health care work. While health care systems use optimized information with automated forms to recruit new personnel in the face of surging patient numbers, caretakers and nurses themselves can utilize automation to eliminate administrative tasks like recordkeeping. This allows professionals to devote more time to patient care.


Due to the pandemic, physical contact at banks has been significantly reduced. That’s why branches are turning to more digital solutions and services. These include the processing of identity documents in various formats to ensure no disparities exist between relevant stored and existing data.


Workflow Software
You practice asset management in your home and work life, whether you realize it or not!

Due to the coronavirus, schools have had to quickly adapt to remote online education. Workflow software is an effective solution for keeping track of student progress, streamlining and centralizing homework review and even taking roll call. Higher education also benefits by eliminating complicated paperwork through digitized administrative and student information from forms or a series of processes.

Government Services

Optimized workflows have enabled government services to reduce or eliminate document management and manually intensive work. Furthermore, software helps to expose data or information errors in high-demand situations, such as a spike in business loss claims or unemployment claims due to COVID-19.

PerfectApps makes it easy to assemble workflow software and data forms. To find out how PerfectApps can help your business adapt to new realities, visit us online today.