Woman lying on the floor looking at her laptop.
Woman lying on the floor looking at her laptop.

Design Online Forms to Deliver Customer Quotes Flawlessly

Whether they’re searching for something for their business or their personal life, people often wish they could get a quick online quote for a product or service they want.

That’s why so many businesses offer simple online forms that potential customers can use to learn more about the financial commitment they’re considering. Some even offer quick online calculators so people can learn more about what they can and can’t afford. Online mortgage calculators are an example of this.

Online forms for quotes benefit both parties. The person making the inquiry can get a better sense of what they can spend, and the provider has the potential to add a valuable new lead. Here’s how to design online forms that people will want to use for obtaining online quotes.

Make It Easy to Enter Specifics

Suppose you have a blank for entering a dollar value – perhaps a ballpark estimate of what the potential customer wants to spend. Do they enter the data as $20,000, as 20000, or as 20,000? Make it clear in the field directions above the blank (“Enter figure without dollar signs and commas” for example).

Drop-down menus or check-box options where the user can enter a range are also helpful. Minimize the amount of typing the form users have to do so the process is quick; they’ll have less time to reconsider and perhaps conclude that the effort isn’t worthwhile. These options are also far easier on people who use your form on mobile devices.

Don’t Be Pushy

It would be great if a person handed over their full name, contact information, and an indication that they’re ready to buy right now, but not everyone is in that situation. Some people are merely curious and don’t want to give you their life story to find out how much it costs to insure their 2007 Mitsubishi. In general, the less you require of the form user before you provide that estimate, the better. If some information on the inquiry form is optional, either make that clear or mark the mandatory fields with asterisks so users know what information is absolutely necessary in order to generate a quote.

Offer More Personalized Options

Maybe the user asking for a quote is ready to make a purchase and has no problem giving you their contact information. Or perhaps they are asking for a quote that is outside the scope of your online form. Offer these users another option, such as submitting their contact information along with a brief description of the type of quote they want.

Man in a business suit working at a laptop and reading a document.

More importantly, when you receive one of these completed forms, act quickly. The more time that passes between receiving a form and getting back to the potential customer, the more time the customer has to find another provider. In fact, any time a quote request form is completed request, the user should be taken to a ‘thank you’ page. It’s important to provide assurance that the information was received and that a quote will be provided soon.

Congratulations on Making Warm Contacts

The great thing about online forms offering customer quotes is that you receive contact information that is not “cold” or random. You’re receiving information from someone who has actually expressed interest, and you should make the most of that with your best customer service practices. Of course, not every quote leads to a sale, but those contacts are valuable nonetheless. Some inquirers may not be ready to buy now, but they might be in six months, and the warm reception they receive from your company will help them remember you.

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