Why Google Forms Fall Short of True Form and Workflow Automation

Small startups are often keenly cognizant of costs and keeping them under control. Therefore, they may start out using free or low-cost office software like Google Docs and Google Forms. In many cases, this makes perfect sense and is more prudent than investing in office systems that may end up being a bad fit once […]

What Workflow Designers Can Learn from How Law Offices Use Workflows

Three people in business suits meeting around a table

The courtroom drama we see in movies or in highly publicized televised cases is only a small fraction of what lawyers and their assistants actually do. Much of the legal profession is driven by arduous processes that must be completed exactly and before strict deadlines. It isn’t glamorous, and some of those tasks aren’t billable […]

5 Ways to Use Workflow Software to Trim Operational Costs

While it’s always good to monitor costs and identify areas where they can be cut painlessly, sometimes we’re put in a position of having to cut costs even if it causes disruption. Rather than taking a “slash and burn” approach, which can lead to unforeseen problems later on, it’s better to take time up front […]