What Are No-Code Apps?

PHP code on a screen

Not many years ago, if you wanted to take a photo, you needed a camera, a flash, and film. You snapped the picture and dropped off the film at a service for development and printing. If the photo needed to be cropped or color-corrected, you paid extra. Or, you could outsource the process to a […]

How to Leverage No-Code Applications to Optimize Operational Efficiency and Scale Your Business

Becoming more efficient and scaling with no-code

A great surprise of the sudden shift to remote work is that, rather than suffering business disruption, companies actually became more productive. In fact, the work-from-home surge lifted U.S. productivity overall by 5%, according to a recent study by the National Bureau of Economic Research. The unexpected results highlight a fact long recognized by management experts, which […]

No-Code App Development: The Differences Between Workflows and Processes

History is full of missed opportunities that resulted from simple misunderstandings. In 1999 NASA launched the $125 million Mars Climate Orbiter to study the Red Planet. The mission was going fine until the probe disintegrated on entering the Martian atmosphere. The error? Ground control sent instructions in English units, while the probe understood them as […]