8 Common Business Forms You Should be Automating

Automating business forms should be a priority for any business that still uses manual processes and hard-copy forms for everyday work. Turning a manual process into an automated, electronic process not only saves considerable time, it also cuts down on error rates and can generate an audit trail automatically for later referral. Completed electronic forms […]

6 Ways Business Process Automation Can Help Your Business

Business process automation is exactly what it says: the automation of processes used in business. They may be simple or complex, self-contained or interdependent. Regardless, business process automation distills processes to their essential elements, automates steps that can be automated, and eliminates a lot of paper, errors, and wasted time. Don’t make the mistake of […]

Transforming Your Business from Patchwork Quilt to Controlled Processes

Perhaps your company originated as a one- or two-person startup. If that was the case, you remember all too well how many roles you had to assume at first and how many different tasks you had to take care of. As your company grows, you’re better able to acquire the tools and personnel you need […]