BPA vs BPM Software: What’s the Big Difference?

Image of a keyboard with "process automation" key. | PerfectApps

Business process automation (BPA) and business process management (BPM) sound an awful lot alike. While the two are related, and in many ways complementary, they’re not the same. BPA is about creating automated business processes, while BPM is about managing business processes, which may or may not involve automation. In other words, you can consider […]

How Online Forms Can Improve Dental Practice Efficiency

There’s no question that significant time, money, and hard work are required to run a successful dental practice. Not only must you maintain a suite of expensive equipment, you have recordkeeping requirements that can be substantial as well. Efficiency is an absolute necessity if you are to make your dental practice profitable for the long […]

How Your IT Ecosystem Affects Workflows

If you have been in business long enough, you may remember the days of massive mainframe computers stored away somewhere, with numerous “dumb” terminals connected to it so people could share computing power. Today, you most likely carry around a phone that is significantly faster and more powerful than the mainframe computers from back in […]